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Symbol: A styilized black circle with a toothy maw at the center.
Home Plane: The Maw
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: the end of time
Clergy Alignments: True Neutral, or any evil
Domains: death, destruction
Favored Weapon: spiked chain


Katarsmi is the counterpart to Eo. Katarsmi exists to bring about the end when the time comes. Katarsmi does allow worshippers, for he still has a purpose in the universe, unlike Eo, who existed only to create it.


Katarsmi allows itself to be worshipped by those who simply observe and wait. Some attempt to use perverse rituals to bind themselves to it in order to use its powers. Those who Katarsmi willingly accepts as worshippers must follow its Commands:

1. Do not disturb the Natural Order.

1a. Do not interfere with the death of something that should die.

1b. Do not interfere with the life of something that should live.

1c. End the life of something that should not live.

1cI. Do not interfere with the wrongful life of something that uses it for the natural order.

2. Do not worship another god.

2a. Do not gain power from the worship of another.

2b. Do not place another deity above Katarsmi.

2bI. Acknowledge the worth of Eo, but acknowledge that Eo and Katarsmi are equal.

2bII. Acknowledge that all other gods are inferior to Katarsmi.

2c. Do acknowledge the existence of other deities, for they are creations of Eo, so to deny them is to deny Eo, Katarsmi, and, ultimately, the Universe itself.

3. When the end comes, facilitate it.

3a. Do not interfere with the end.

3b. When the end arrives, if it is within your power, kill anything that lives in a painless manner, so that they need not experience the end.

3c. Do not attempt to bring about the end early.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The temples of Katarsmi are many and varied, as Katarsmi does not interact much with its worshippers. They usually incorporate strong symbolism of the end of the world, however. The clergy of Katarsmi keep to themselves, and have no hierarchy as such. The false clergy, of course, are similar to that of Erythnul or other evil gods.

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