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Symbol: A white lily
Home Plane: The Ethereal Plane
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Angels and Archangels, Light, Love, Breastfeeding, Childbirth, Pleasure, Beauty, Delicacy
Clergy Alignments: Neutral Good, Chaotic Good
Domains: Good, Healing, Glory
Favored Weapon: None
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Yulia was spawned by the primordial divine energy, simultaneously with her sister Hreth, who is her opposite.

Yulia is the progenitor of angels and archangels. She has been known as 'the holy ghost', though this is not the same 'holy ghost' that is mentioned in Christianity. With very rare exceptions, Yulia dwells in the ethereal plane and has little influence upon the material plane. Even within the ethereal plane, Yulia dwells in a far-off and isolated area, concealed by a large expanse of semitransparent white fog. Yulia shuns the material plane, and if she is forcibly summoned out into the material plane, her horrific power is unleashed upon those who summon her.

Yulia is more-or-less humanoid in form. As a result of her great power, and status as an overdeity, Yulia has a semi-ethereal form. She is a nude female, who is white in color and semi-transparent, and has semi-transparent white ethereal gas emanating from her. She also has very long hair that reaches down to her feet, and this hair surrounds her body and mingles with the emanating gas. She moves around kind of like a mermaid, with her back arched backward such that she faces forward, and her arms, legs, and lower torso point backward, trailing behind. But unlike a mermaid, her propulsion is magical and therefore does not involve physical propulsive movements.

Yulia never carries any weapons, or any other objects for that matter, nor does she ever wear any clothing or armor of any kind. Because she is semi-ethereal, she does not interact with such solid objects normally. In the presence of Yulia, material beings, objects, spirits, and gods alike become semi-liquid and warped around like taffy. That also happens to the high archangels that she herself has spawned, but said archangels are unique in that they revert to their previous state after leaving the presence of Yulia.


Yulia does not particularly seek followers or have dogma, being as she is mostly reclusive on the ethereal plane. Yulia's followers act by her example. The resulting dogma can be summed up as: "Love and nurture that which is good and delicate. Appreciate silence, stillness, and beauty.".

Clergy and Temples[edit]

In imitation of Yulia's appearance, the clergy of Yulia wear a white semi-transparent gossamer fabric which covers their entire body, including their face, and they wear nothing else, except in cold weather. The clergy of Yulia are dedicated to helping good beings, both intelligent beings and animals.

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