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Symbol: A ring of black thorny vine
Home Plane: The Ethereal Plane
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Suffering, Torture, Suffocation, Nightmares, Horror
Clergy Alignments: Chaotic Evil
Domains: Evil, Madness
Favored Weapon: None
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Hreth was spawned by the primordial divine energy, simultaneously with her sister Yulia, who is her opposite. Yulia is the embodiment of pleasure, whereas Hreth is the embodiment of suffering. Those two primordial sisters are among the most ancient of the gods, being only less ancient than Lohm.

Unlike Yulia, Hreth has not spawned any archangels, nor otherwise worked on behalf of any ideal. Hreth is too chaotic to do so.

Yulia and Hreth are fundamentally linked together. They occupy the same place, but within parallel dimensions, in the ethereal plane. Whenever a being tries to summon Yulia, Hreth soon appears instead. Whenever a being tries to reach Yulia by going to her realm in the ethereal plane, Hreth will try to pull them over across to her own dimension, and the closer that one gets to Yulia, the stronger the pull. Only the rare beings whose souls are devoid of evil are immune to Hreth's pull.

Hreth is among the most feared of the gods, though she would easily be the most feared of all if she were not reclusive.

Like her sister Yulia, Hreth appears roughly like a nude adult female humanoid. Like Yulia, Hreth moves with her head leading and her body trailing behind, although Hreth's body trails at a diagonal angle in contrast to Yulia's which is completely horizontal. Like Yulia, Hreth has long and plentiful hair. Like Yulia, Hreth is surrounded by an aura of gaseous streams. Every other physical aspect about Yulia and Hreth is opposite. Hreth is dull black in color, as are the streams of gaseous aura that emanate from her body. Hreth's body is very skinny, sinewy, and shriveled, appearing sick, starved, and old. Hreth's hair is disheveled and wild, extending in all directions. Hreth's face is very ugly; her lips and cheeks are so shriveled and shrunken that they are receded, showing her teeth, her nose is shriveled and shrunken such that her nose is small and upturned, and her eyes are shriveled and shrunken deep into her eye sockets. Hreth's breasts are flattened, sagging, and shriveled.

Hreth's breasts can secrete a thick, black, oily substance akin to tar. In diametric contrast to Yulia's breast milk which imparts great pleasure, Hreth's breast milk imparts great suffering.


Hreth is too chaotic to have any real dogma. If Hreth has any dogma, it is simply: "Make every conscious being suffer!!"

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The clerics of Hreth are very few in number, because Hreth is a very unpopular god. Even among evil-aligned beings she is unpopular. Only among some demon species, and some typically evil species of the material plane (such as drow elves, hags, and grimlocks) does Hreth have more-than-marginal popularity. Among non-drow elves, humans, dwarves, and gnomes, less than 1 percent are followers of Hreth. The followers of Hreth are only the most sadistic and/or mentally disturbed of beings.

The clerics of Hreth wear coarsely-cut black-stained hooded cloaks made of hide. They are often adorned with such things as raw bloody sinews and bloody pulled teeth. In addition to their hoods, they also often wear ugly masks. The clerics of Hreth practice self-mutilation and tooth-filing, as well as torturing animals and humanoids. Some of them also torture themselves.

The temples of Hreth are hidden away, most of them in swamps and forests. The temples of Hreth are small and crudely constructed. They are made with walls of large piled-up stones, with or without mortar to help hold them together, and the roof preferably consists of large stone slab(s), or, failing that, a bunch of branches. Weeds or other vegetation often grows on or around the temple. The temples lack an artificial floor, and are filthy inside- often infested with spiders or other vermin.

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