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Symbol: A greatsword with a Celtic Not on it. Another symbol is a wolf with a giant sword on it's back.
Home Plane: Asoron
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: War, farming, honor, warriors
Clergy Alignments: Neutral Good, Chaotic Good
Domains: War, Protection, Strength, Chaos
Favored Weapon: Greatsword
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More information...

Saran is the head god of the Asoron pantheon. He is not to be confused with the character from Lord Of The Rings. Saran stands over 6 feet tall, though could grow & shrink in size. He has his main greatsword on him most of the time. His sword was personally forged for him, from Anyon. the sword has a perfect balance, and covered in runes. Upon receiving the sword, Saran named it Cadman, meaning "Man of Battle." It was broken in the second God's War, but then reforged. Saran also has many other legendary swords, which he mainly gives to his demigod children when the become of age. He is typically covered in a fur cloak, with his magical chain mail armor showing underneath. Saran's helm, is called the Helm of Strength. It has two large horns coming out of the sides. His wife is Gaia, goddess of the Earth. Gaia doesn't not mind Saran's demigod offspring, for she knows he loves her more than any other women. Saran sometimes takes the place of a mortal soldier, for fun during battle. Saran has two brothers, Lotus, & Grub. Lotus is the god of the sea, and Grub is the god of murder, hate, fire, and lust. Grub is the so-called reason for both the God's War. The first grub declared war on Saran and his followers, and there were many battles in As, and some in Asoron. the gods decided to lock grub up, which worked for a few hundred years, but then grub broke free! This war was even longer than the first, and in the end, Grub was sent traveling through the universe.....Saran has never had any major fights other than these, over who should rule the gods. Everyone saw Saran was a natural leader, and he of course kept that position. Saran has only had male offspring, except for the one women he shaped out of clay, for the warriors of Sar. He rules wisely, but also has used his temper to get his point a cross. Saran has two wovles that follow him where every he goes. Their names are Truk & Fure.

The Sar

He is the father of the race known as The Sar. The Sar are what look like a wild war crazed humans, though in fact that is only during battle...The Sar were made when Saran peed into some sand turning it to clay, feeling creative, he shaped the clay into statues of warriors, except for one women. He then at Gaia breath life into them, and thus The Sar where made.


Saran encourages strong bodied warriors! He dislike cowardice, and wants heroes that charge their enemies with no fear! He doesn't ask to be prayed to much, for most warriors grow up praying to him. His ideal follower is much like him, tall, fierce, and a warrior.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

There are not many "clerics" of the class, but instead, many fighters consider themselves clerics of Saran. They typically have small pendants of his, either wood or metal. A few have been made in stone too. They fight & pray to him, to live another day. The "actual" clerics of Saran are devoted to fighting their enemies, even if it means death for the cleric. They collect heads of their enemies, as most who worship Saran. Saran has temples a few major temples (mainly in Dar)but typically has smaller shrines all throughout the land. Whether some are statues, or stone doorways with his symbols. Some people have small shrines inside their homes, though this is rare.


Asoron, the main pantheon of Gaele. Asoron is the plane & name of the Pantheon. It house the major Gods, as well as some minor ones. Saran has a giant feast hall, in which is throne sits upon. There is a giant wall that surrounds Asoron, in case of attack. The gate is guarded by Gawain, the archer god. To get there from As, you need a portal, which if you walk through you will come up on a rainbow. this rainbow bridge leads to the gate of Asoron. A while away from Asoron, is the mountains where Grub lived.

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