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Symbol: Yin and Yang
Home Plane: Ideology
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: Balance
Clergy Alignments: Any Neutral
Domains: Healing, Balance, Death
Favored Weapon: Quarter Staff
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Tao is a Belief. There is no God to follow, only an idea.


The belief of Tao is one of Balance. Practitioners of this way of thinking follow the way of Balance but choose to follow a path of Life or Death.

Those who follow Life practice Healing and maintaining the Balance in saving Life. Most members of this order understand the Balance of Life and Death so they choose to refrain from taking a life unless there is dire need. They recognize the need for death and will at times let Death have its way. The symbol of this sect is the White Flame of the Yin-Yang.

Those who follow Death practice the arts of Killing and the destruction of Life. Most members of this order are those who understand Balance but due to the psychotic nature they generally relish the act of Killing. They kill and destroy what is needed to keep the balance. The symbol of this Sect is the Black Fang of the Yin-Yang.

When a member of either order comes to realize the true nature of Balance they are granted the full Yin-Yang to symbolize their belief. Balance is of Life and Death, without one there cannot be the other. Inside each being there is the propensity to Kill, but also the will to Save.


Most followers of the Tao belief practice through meditation. Monks and Clerics of Tao travel the land acting as a counter weight, maintaining the balance of life and death.

Practitioners of the White spend their travels healing and saving life.

Followers of the Black leave a trail of controlled death.

Members of the Unity dole out life and death as needed to maintain the balance.

When choosing Domains Clerics of Tao Always have balance but choose Life or Death. Once the Unity is reached a Cleric of Healing is allowed to Spontaneous cast Negative spells. A Cleric of Death is allowed to Spontaneous cast Positive spells.

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