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Symbol: a bstard sword and greataxe crossing a checkered steel shield
Home Plane: warriors rest
Alignment: cg
Portfolio: war,warriors,battles, any insignificant battle or street brawl
Clergy Alignments: cg,lg,ng
Domains: war, protection,good, healing, chaos
Favored Weapon: Any sword/axe
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War is the eternal god of conflict. he oversees even the most insignificant scuffle.if a fight is unfair, he condemns the advantaged side. he also tends to aid the side that fights for a good cause.


War asks little. Every fight should be fair, no dirty tricks, no advantages, and always good against evil, not good against good.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Wars temples are many and openly worshiped at. Many warriors pay him homage, and duringwartime most give him some offering. War's temples are spread across the landscape. many warriors,warlords, and rulers worship him in altars during times of trouble.

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