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Symbol: An Silver blade infront of a golden shield.
Home Plane: The Celestia
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Good, Strength, Battle
Clergy Alignments: Any non-evil
Domains: Glory, Good, Strength, War, Retribution, Charm, Courage
Favored Weapon: Longsword

Dylian was orginally Jaccian, Divine of Perfection, then when his father killed him he rose as two beings Dylian & Jaccob. He is the god of Good and Strength and the father to the children of war.


He sends his followers out to protect the world and its innocents from evil and injustice. He prefers they use non-violent means to create peace, but understands that it rarely works. As such he allows his disciples to kill as long as they are vile in alignment and deserved their death.


An Aasimar of Dylian has shining golden skin and a muscular body, which normally looks more muscular than most.

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