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Antediluvian sun god and draconic sky celestial; he sleeps and watches over the upper planes as the holy star of day. He enlightens the heavens in metaphorical and metaphysical senses, as he has unconsciously done since before even deities tilled the outer paradises.

However, the moment anything threatens apocalypse — or worse, annihilation — against all the planes of good, he awakens to battle the great old fiend. More than armies of devils and swarms of demons are needed rouse his ire, for only a beast whom death gods fear warrants his attention, or even his awareness. But even if the elder one of light vanquishes his quarry, he is still a pillar of heaven removed. Should he leave the supernal womb of the multiverse — as he must before he has direct influence — he risks damaging the multiverse's structure. Not to mention the hyperbolic adjectives necessary to hint at the dimensional ruin wrought of his rage released!


Lumrenescim Rainlight is a pure Immortal's Handbook rules creation. Using its rules (not Deities & Demigods), this creature is a Great Wyrm (x16) Prismatic Dragon with the Old One template (approximately Rank 32 Deity). Yes, his stats are ovar 90O0!1!! If this bothers you, please move along.

His place in the multiverse is that of a dormant overgod who watches over the Upper Planes, subtly influencing events through his dreaming. In fact, he could very well BE the Upper Planes. These combat statistics represent his physical manifestation -- his true self exists in a way that is incomprehensible to mortal and deity.

Lumrenescim Rainlight
Sixteen-Great Wyrm Prismatic Dragon
Secundadeian of Dragons, the Sky, and the Sun
Size/Type: Macro-Fine* Outsider (Augmented Dragon, Extraplanar)
* two size categories above Colossal
Hit Dice: 156d100 +14,352 +16,068 +4,992x6 x12 (911,664 hp)
Initiative: +79 (+9 Dex, +32 divine, +30 draconic, +8 superior initiative); always first
Speed: 900' (180 squares), fly 24,000' (perfect)
Armor Class: 425 (-32 size, +9 Dex, +312 deflection*, +32 divine, +30 draconic, +32 luck, +32 sacred), touch 425, flat-footed 416
* see Scintillating Scales
Base Attack/Grapple: +156/+390
Attack: Bite +558 melee touch (320d10+217 plus 156d20* positive energy)
* 312d20 vs undead or other negative energy creatures
* 468d20 vs creatures especially vulnerable to sunlight and/or positive energy
Full Attack: Bite +558 melee touch and
6 claws +558 melee touch (240d10+175 plus 156d20 positive) and
12 wings +558 melee touch (160d10+175 plus 156d20 positive) and
Tail slap +558 melee touch (240d10+259 plus 156d20 positive)
Power Attack half BAB: Bite +377 melee touch (320d10+529 plus 156d20 positive)
6 claws +377 melee touch (240d10+487 plus 156d20 positive) and
12 wings +377 melee touch (160d10+487 plus 156d20 positive) and
Tail slap +377 melee touch (240d10+581 plus 156d20 positive)
Power Attack full BAB: Bite +299 melee touch (320d10+841 plus 156d20 positive)
6 claws +299 melee touch (240d10+799 plus 156d20 positive) and
12 wings +299 melee touch (160d10+799 plus 156d20 positive) and
Tail slap +299 melee touch (240d10+883 plus 156d20 positive)
Space/Reach: 380'/250' (380' with bite)
Special Attacks: Alter reality, breath weapon (DC 306 delay 1d3), crush 80d10+229 (DC 306), cosmic serpent (+428 melee touch, DC 317), divine aura (53,120 ft./10.06 miles), pounce, spell-like abilities, spells (CL 218th), tail sweep 40d10+229 (DC 306), terrifying presence
Special Qualities: Blindsight, DR 1,890/-, darkvision, epic dragon traits, immunities, keen senses, old one traits, luck, portfolios (dragon, sky, sun), spell reflection, spell resistance 316
Saves: Fort +330, Ref +247, Will +341
Abilities: Str 178 (+84), Dex 28 (+9), Con 195 (+92), Int 158 (+74), Wis 160 (+75), Cha 216 (+103)
Skills: Omnicompetent - knows all skills; each 221 + key ability score modifier
Feats: Blind-Fight, Easy Metamagic (Quicken), Empower Spell, Energize Spell, Energy Substitution (Acid, Cold, Electricity, Fire), Energy Admixture (Acid, Cold, Electricity, Fire), Enlarge Spell, Explosive Spell, Extend Spell, Force of Personality, Fortify Spell, Flyby Attack, Greater Spell Focus (x8), Greater Spell Penetration, Heighten Spell, Improved Initiative, Improved Multiattack, Improved Natural Attack (bite, claw, tail, wing), Improved Rapidstrike (claw, wing [x2]), Maximize Spell, Multiattack, Power Attack, Quicken Breath, Quick Reconnoiter, Quicken Spell, Rapidstrike (claw, wing [x2]), Rapid Spell, Reach Spell, Recover Breath (x8), Run, Scribe Scroll, Sculpt Spell, Silent Spell, Spell Focus (x8), Spell Penetration, Split Ray, Still Spell, Transdimensional Spell, Widen Spell
Epic Feats: Automatic Metamagic Capacity (x99), Automatic Writing, Epic Spell Focus (x8), Epic Speed, Epic Spell Penetration, Epic Spellcasting, Greater Casting, Greater Natural Attack (bite, claw, tail, wing), Greater Power Attack, Mathesis, Metamagic Freedom, Phrenology, Power Attack Mastery, Superior Initiative, Unbound Spell, Weapon Mastery (bludgeoning, slashing)
Divine Abilities: Abnormality (Wings), Adjuration, Dire Spell, Divine Sorcery, Divine Wizardry, Dolorous Spell, Heavenly Body, Heavenly Mind, Heavenly Soul, Heavenly Spirit, Nescient, Penetrating Spell, Perfect Initiative, Perfect Weapon Focus (bludgeoning, slashing), Quantum Effect, Quick Action Spells, Resonating Spell, Rune Spell, Sacred Body, Sacred Mind, Sacred Soul, Sacred Spirit, Superior Casting, Superior Natural Attack (bite, claw, tail, wing), Superior Power Attack, Telluric Effect, Theurgic Spell, Third Eye, Uncanny Weapon Focus (bludgeoning, slashing) X-Ray Vision
Cosmic Abilities: Cataclysmic Spell, Daunting Body, Daunting Mind, Daunting Soul, Devastating Spell, Enlightened, Extra Portfolio (Sky), Great Breath, Hyperostosis, Innocence, Mindless Spell, Perfect Cosmic Positive Strike, Unearthly Power Attack, Unearthly Weapon Focus (bludgeoning, slashing)
Transcendental Abilities: Inner Eye, Irresistible Spell
Environment: Upper Planes
Organization: Unique
Treasure: Double standard
Alignment: Neutral good
Challenge Rating: 323
Level Adjustment: +162

Gliding above is a... pink dragon? You'd laugh, if its wings didn't stretch from horizon to horizon. Speaking of, it has four of them, all vast fans that... I'd say blot out the sun, but the dragon glows enough to substitute for daylight. The skin of its wings and the frill running down the back of its neck to the tip of its tail shine with gently-shifting hues of magenta and cyan. A thin, pinkish-orange haze seems to rise in wisps wherever it flies. The snake-smooth surface of its scales glitter like diamonds of every shade of light-hued color imaginable.

Bifrost Wings[edit]

Lumrenescim ('loom-REN-EH-simm', commonly called "Rainlight" as that's the rough translation to Common) is one of the most powerful dragons to inhabit the outer realms, shining far more brilliantly than even the likes of Bahamut and Io. It is unknown whether or not he hatched as a prismatic wyrmling (already dwarfing the power of most mortal beings) and aged much longer than any other -- achieving divine ascension on the way -- or if he is the original prismatic dragon, all others meek devolutions.

He is a being of sidereal-level power. Most sidereals are primordial architects who either helped build the multiverse in its current form, or is a part of the multiverse. In any case, all sidereals are assumed dormant except in circumstances that signify great cosmic upheaval. Before they return to slumber, the activities of the sidereals (or even one) is enough to permanently alter the nature of the planes. The Seven Mounting Heavens may crumble and erupt as a hellfire volcano, the Nine Hells of Baator may be flooded and filled with an entire blessed ocean, or much more subtle changes like Limbo becoming only mildly chaotic-aligned or the return of Menausus to Arcadia (Lost your planar layer? Hold on... *reaches down and fishes around Mechanus* Ah! Here it is. *puts it back* No need to thank me.). The true form of a creature of this power is directly woven with the fabric of reality, and should one even gain consciousness...

Those few who know of Lumrenescim (deities of knowledge and secrets, ancient-beyond-ancient demiliches, and their ilk) speculate that he is the sun that bathes all the upper planes in holy radiance. Should an event shake the planes to their foundations and release dimension-devouring abominations sealed away before the age of gods and mortals, Lumrenescim may awaken for the first time since the dawn of prehistory to combat the threat. While his manifestation is active, the skies of the Upper Planes may go "dark" as they now all lack a sun. Should Rainlight fall, this darkness of the heavens may envelop all existence.

Though even if he succeeds, as a being who for lack of better words is a bone that keeps the body of the multiverse standing, what are the consequences of his awakening? And would they be better or worse than allowing an entity beyond time run roughshod across the outer, inner, and possibly also the Prime worlds? What if he does not wish to return to sleep, and instead assert command over the fate of billions of angels for the greater good of the entire multiverse (as a living embodiment of good, Rainlight surely has unparalleled understanding, and thus almost every good-aligned outsider and god would gladly march under the banner of his four wings)?

As a fight in a tavern may wreck tables and chairs, a battle between legendary magicians inadvertently burns a village or town to ash, a demigod duel that sunders forests and diverts rivers with every parried blow, and the conquests of greater deities which shake entire worlds with every move of a chess piece, what would the collateral damage be should Lumrenescim and worthy enemies release their full might upon each other?

Rainlight is just under 300' at the shoulder and over 500' from nose to tail. He weighs about 153 gigatons (approximately 307,200,000,000,000 lbs).

Deity Info: Worship the Technicolor Star[edit]

Symbol: Disc of shifting colors above a silvery-gold landscape of all kinds dotted with cities and castles (representing the whole of the planes of good)
Home Plane: Upper planes (all of them simultaneously)
Alignment: Neutral good
Portfolio: Good, the upper planes, prismatic dragons
Clergy Alignments: Chaotic good, lawful good, neutral good
Domains: Dragon, Protection, Sky, Strength, Sun
Favored Weapon: Claw bracer or natural weapon

Lumrenescim Rainlight is either a highborn (epic) dragon apotheosized above the gods, or one of the original secundadeians: sentient manifestations of ethical outlooks, philosophies, or other multiversal fundamentals -- their name reflecting their status as the second group of beings to devolve from the chioh ha qodesh (the First Ones), the greatest fundamental forces of the multiverse. Regardless of origin, he is intrinsic to the cosmos, his immortal soul woven into the dimensional tapestry. As an Old One (common name for a secundadeian), he would court no worshipers even if he were aware of creatures less than gods (he became dormant before any of the Prime Material Worlds were a thing); millions of clerics across thousands of planes would not be enough to affect the strength of his divinity in any appreciable way.

It is not unheard of for deities of good (especially Pelor and Bahamut) to privately revere the name of Lumrenescim in a manner similar to their followers' worship. Since few aside from deities of knowledge, the greatest of celestials, and the eldest dragons understand his nature, the aforementioned good deities might praise him, but know not why. Perhaps they believe the name is a metaphoric title for the sun and sky above all the planes of good, or even good itself. Maybe they do it because that's the way things have always been done around here.


Like all prismatic dragons, Lumrenescim favors no one combat technique, opting for the most effective means of ending that particular battle.

He typically enters battle without his prismatic holy aura active -- lowering his saves to F/R/W 298/215/309 -- unless he knows in advance that he'll be facing a credible threat (CR/ECL double his if they don't have a deity template, half CR/ECL if they do) or annoying foes like flights of void dragons, a nexus dragon or two, or a neutronium golem. If all his enemies manage to deal more than twenty-thousand hit point damage over the course of a round, or he's successfully hit with a non-damaging effect that overcame his spell resistance or saving throws, he erects this aura at the beginning of his next turn.

Since he always maximizes die rolls thanks to Inner Eye, his bite attack, for example, does 3,387 plus 3,120 positive energy per hit against normal enemies (double or triple positive energy against undead and the like). Keep in mind Telluric Effect doubles the extra positive energy damage after each round if he keeps attacking the same opponent. Quantum Effect gives a random chance to either halve, normal, double, and so on with [Effect] abilities, but thanks to Inner Eye, it always rolls the highest result for quadruple normal effect.

Other effects: he always rolls initiative 99, always rolls 578 for attack rolls, always maximizes spell damage (making Maximize Spell obsolete), always rolls 315 knowledge checks, always rolls Fort 350, etc.

Lumrenescim's number of Recover Breath feats along with Quicken Breath means he can use his breath weapon as a free action each and every round. He could instead do the same thing with positive energy breath or wind breath, but his draconic breath weapon is far deadlier.

A pounce-charge full attack is often enough to severely injure or slay the vilest of entities, some anomalies, and nehaschimic wyrmlings. He has such a high number of natural attacks thanks to Improved Rapidstrike and a second pair of wings (Abnormality divine ability). He is fond of using the following metamartial maneuvers (freely available to all with the requisite BAB; can combine and stack, etc. lowering the attack bonus commensurately; can only go as low as BAB, as power attack; this can be combined with power attack for e.g., -312 attack bonus if so chosen; suggested to not allow (Su) MMMs to work in anti-magic as they aren't inherent abilities of the immortal and thus shouldn't gain the immortal's immunity to anti-magic):

Death Attack (Ex): -30 attack bonus to force enemies struck to Fort-save-or-die, DC equal to BAB-minus-total-metamartial-penalties*, ignoring all bonuses to attack rolls (though blanket bonuses to all DC's still apply); doesn't work on crit immune foes.
* suggested to do this instead of DC equal to attack roll, as DC 624 SoD is.....
Obliterating Attack (Su): -40, as Death but now works on any solid, corporeal enemies immune to critical hits (golems, liches, earth elementals).
Disrupting Attack (Su): -60, as Oblitering but now works on any and all targets, regardless of physiognomy (incorporeal undead, fire and water elementals)
Widen Attack (Su): -15 to double reach and hits everyone in the area, effectively turning weapon attacks into a cone; e.g., -90 to strike everyone in a 1,750 ft. cone, 2,660 ft. with bite.
Enlarge (Su): -5 per doubling of reach, works like Widen but one attack hits a single enemy as normal; e.g., -155 to increase his reach to 8,000 ft, 12,160 ft. with bite.

Even with Unearthly Power Attack, the extra damage doesn't increase his full attack output appreciably. But if he has the attack bonus to spare -- and he usually does, especially since all his natural weapon attacks are resolved as melee touch -- he might as well go with another ~12,500 damage.

His most powerful weapon is his spellcasting. He casts as both a 78th-lvl sorcerer and a 110th-lvl favored soul, and together he knows every single arcane, divine spell, and epic spell in existence. This, along with Rainlight's array of metamagic, and the fact that he can use Alter Reality as a free action once a round, makes him an extremely powerful and versatile caster. Many common defenses to spell effects like elemental immunity, mind blank, a golem's magic immunity, anti-magic or dead magic, and tricked-out saving throws (with a sprinkling of improved evasion and improved mettle) are useless against such abilities as Theurgic Spell, Mindless Spell, Penetrating Spell, Rune Spell, and Irresistible Spell.

Damaging effects of spells, thanks to Dire Spell, Devastating Spell, and Superior Casting, means all spell caps are quadrupled, uses d20s or d12s based on original dice (15d20 cone of cold, 2d12 energy drain), and gains bonus damage equal to half average damage, round down.

Thanks to Third Eye he may fire off an additional ray (spell, spell-like ability, beam effect) as a free action once a round.

Quick Action Spells allows quickened spells to be cast with no action a round rather than a swift action, which frees up his swift action for other uses, such as with spells that use a swift action to cast, or to cast more quickened spells as normal, if so chosen. This effectively doubles the number of automatic metamagic capacity feats, but only up to the normal number for each of no-action and swift-action.

With the above in mind, his actions in a round could be: pounce full attack (or other full-round action, or a standard and move action), breath weapon, up to level 108 no-action quickened spell, another up to level 108 quickened spell, yet another up to level 108 ray spell, and alter reality to cast a level 108 spell.

He typically has wind wrath (see Uncanny Wind Mastery) active at all times. Wind blood is excellent at foiling most full attacks that get past his permanent mirror images (Sunlight Mirage) and 75% miss chance (Nebulous). Since he has no other use for uncanny positive energy mastery, he usually has positive energy storm up (624/1248/1872 positive energy damage to all enemies in divine aura), which is little more than rain to even sidereal vampires or spectres at this power level.

The above two mentioned abilities, along with Magic Weapon Defunction and high touch AC means he has little to fear from physical attacks. Spell Immunity forces enemy casters to waste much of their automatic metamagic capacity on Heighten Spell, lessening the damage spells can do.

His weaknesses are: only one full round worth of actions per turn, relatively low initiative (significant), and is vulnerable to time-based attacks (though this is lessened if he summons ancient cometary dragons).

Almost all combat statistics are irrelevant if he decides to use his Cosmic Serpent touch attack to permanently change a being's alignment to good. This way he avoids needless slaughter and gains a possible ally; if it is such a time that the sidereals have reawakened, the side of good may need all the help it can get. Even if this doesn't work, anyone who hears him speak, regardless of if they understand him, may be charmed thanks to Silver Tongue (and he ignores immunity to charm effects half the time). He never uses these on beings that should be removed from the multiverse, such as most entities and void dragons.

Many features of the IH: A deity template was modified for Lumrenescim. They are noted wherever applicable. He also has several new abilities arbitrarily given to him. These were responsible for increases in his ECL and CR.

If you wish to use the house rule that multiplies a creature's maximum hit points by one-tenth its CR once it reaches CR 11, Rainlight would instead have 29,446,747 maximum hit points.


Alter Reality (Su): Once per round as a free action, duplicate any 108th-lvl spell or epic spell (can 'develop' on the fly; no mitigating factors permitted for any) of a DC 315 or less.
Breath weapon (Su): Lumrenescim has one type of breath weapon, a prismatic spray effect. The breath weapon's cone is 6,480 ft. (base cone times age category), not the typical area for the spell.
Inner Eye specifies that one gains the best die rolls for any given situation, so that should mean the prismatic spray here will always strike with two rays, and the best two depending on the enemy. Low Will = indigo (insanity) and violet (sent to another plane); low Fort = green (poison) and blue (petrify), assuming they aren't immune of course. Furthermore, no one should ever be struck by red, orange, or yellow.
Cosmic Serpent (Good) (Su): With a +368 melee touch, opponent must make a DC 317 Will save or have their alignment permanently changed to good.
Divine Aura (Su): 53,120 ft. emanation, can have one of the following effects, choosing once a round as a free action (Rainlight typically has the Insanity effect up):
Daze - Enemies within the divine aura must make a Will save or dazed for 1 round.
Death - Fort save or die; may only slay up to 3,120 hp of creatures a round (starting with the creatures with the lowest current hit points).
Fear - Will save or be shaken.
Insanity - Will save or go permanently insane.
Pain - Fort or -4 attack rolls, saves, and skill checks for 1 hour.
Perfect Heroism - Allies gain +8 morale bonus on attack rolls, saves, skill checks, are immune to fear, gain 60 temporary hit points.
Sleep - Will save or sleep for 1d4 rounds.
Stunning - Will or be stunned for 1d6 rounds.
Weakness - Fort or take 3d6 Strength damage.
Good Messiah (Su): Beings of good alignment cannot harm Rainlight directly or indirectly.
Integrated Class Levels (Ex or Su): Lumrenescim casts spells as a 78th-level sorcerer (epic dragon; half hit dice) and a 110th-level favored soul (deity template; half hit dice plus divine rank). Caster levels from ICLs are always equal to racial hit dice rather than effective class level.
Favored Soul: all divine spells in existence known; spells per day 0-9th: 12/64/64/64/62/62/62/62/60/60; spell DC's 214 + spell level; caster level 218th (224th to overcome SR). Class abilities and bonus feats traded in for extra divine abilities.
Sorcerer: all arcane spells in existence known; spells per day 0-9th: 12/64/64/64/62/62/62/62/60/60; spell DC's 242 + spell level; caster level 218th (224th to overcome SR). Has not summoned a familiar, bonus feats traded in for extra divine abilities.
52 epic spells per day (combined from both classes); all epic spells in existence known; DC 249; Spellcraft +295 (315 always results).
Metamagic abilities: Cataclysmic (+12), Empower (+2), Energize (+1), Energy Admixture (+4) Energy Substitution (+0) Enlarge (+1), Explosive (+2), Extend (+1), Fortify (Var), Heighten (Var), Irresistable (x15), Maximize (+1), Mindless (x9), Penetrating (x3), Rapid (+1), Reach (+2), Resonating (x4), Rune (x6), Sculpt (+1), Silent (+1), Split Ray (+2), Still (+1), Transdimensional (+1), Unbound (+3), Widen (+3)
Other spell abilities: Automatic Metamagic Capacity (x99), Devastating Spell, Dire Spell, Easy Metamagic (Quicken), Metamagic Freedom, Superior Casting, Theurgic Spell
Magic Weapon Defunction (Su): Rainlight is one of the most blessed beings in existence, embodying enough pure good to rival any seraphim. His undiluted faith forms a nearly physical yet invisible shell over every inch of his manifestation. Weapons of any type (including natural) have their enhancement bonuses reduced by 32, to a minimum of 0, and special weapon properties of a +31 or lower market price modifier no longer applies to Rainlight. Any manufactured weapons, including artifacts, that strike him (regardless of whether they penetrate DR) are immediately subject to a disjunction effect (DC 276, Con-based). Ajudicate before rolling damage; if disjoined the weapon is also utterly destroyed as if a mundane object were disintegrated. Artifacts reform in 1d4 rounds, other weapons are lost forever.
Prismatic Holy Aura (Su): Lumrenescim sits at the nucleus of an effect similar to prismatic sphere except it doesn't block movement unless Rainlight wishes it to (CL 218th [effectively CL 416th to overcome SR], any effect DC 248 [Cha-based], equivalent to a 108th-lvl spell [fortified 99 times]) as an emanation in a radius equal to his divine aura (it is a completely 'solid' globe; all 'layers' are coterminous and happen simultaneously) that does not impede his vision, attacks, spells, or anything else, nor does it impede allies (he may choose who or what to affect). Good beings are unaffected by any effect of this ability (including blindness, miss chance, etc), evil beings must save, check, or roll twice each (see below).
The differences in layers from the spell are as thus:
Red: Instead of the first line's original effect, it has a chance to halt all melee attacks (including melee touch spells, incorporeal touch, etc); enemies must hit AC 416 or the attack is completely ineffective (they only need to hit this AC once per turn with their first attack). It also deals 2,000 divine fire damage (no save).
Orange: This may stop ranged weapons (rays, ranged touches), AC same as above. Also deals 4,000 divine acid damage (no save).
Yellow: 8,000 divine electricity damage (no save).
Green: Does not have the poison effect, only stops breath weapons and all other supernatural attacks.
Blue: Does not have the petrification effect, only stops divination and mental attacks.
Indigo: Does not cause insanity. Casters require a Spellcraft check (DC 416) to cast their spells or spell-like abilities.
Violet: Does not send creatures to other planes. All creatures and ongoing spell effects are hit with targeted dispel magic, including any spell effects upon himself he doesn't wish (1d20 + 218); this occurs even if he is unable to act. Attended objects get a Fort save (DC 248), otherwise they are destroyed as normal (artifacts are immune to this, but non-epic magic items are not). This, as well as the red, orange, and yellow layers, is capable of destroying the ground, structures, etc. if Lumrenescim so chooses (treat objects destroyed by the violet layer as disintegrated). If he wishes, he can 'tunnel' through the ground as fast as his falling flight speed; every full-round run action to fall he moves at about 27,250 mph, or about 73 miles a round-- a very expedient method to reach a planet's core.
Enemies affected treat everything as having a 25% miss chance that stacks with other miss chances, unless they are blinded (but every negated layer lowers the miss chance by 5%; miss chance is entirely negated by true seeing but only by beings of a higher divine rank). The miss chance for anything outside the sphere attempting to target anything within is instead 50% (lowered by 5% per negated layer as normal, down to 20% with one layer left).
Even if every layer has been negated, or the sphere disjoined, this ability still emanates another effect (which itself may be dispelled, but only if there are no prismatic layers up) with a radius equal to ten times divine aura (100.4 miles) that still affects everyone within the sphere if it is still up. First, Enemies must make a Fort save (DC 248) or be permanently blinded (sight can only be restored by a wish or miracle that first beats a Spellcraft check of 218).
Second, Rainlight and all allies in this radius (100.4 miles) are warded by an octuple strength holy aura (+32 deflection bonus to AC, +32 resistance bonus on saves [already factored into the statistics above], 200 spell resistance against evil spells and spells cast by evil creatures, blocks possession and mental influence as protection from evil, and if an evil creature succeeds on a melee attack, the offending attacker is deafened (rather than blinded; Fort DC 248 negates). Only beings within the "sun" benefits from this holy aura.
The prismatic sphere and its layers of color can be negated, destroyed, dispelled, or disjoined as normal -- as well as blinding holy aura dispelled -- but Lumrenescim can recreate all effects of this ability fully at the beginning of his next turn with no action. He may lower or raise this aura as a free action once a round.
Superfluous additional effects of the blinding aura mainly for roleplaying purposes: Beyond roughly 100 miles, beings can still be blinded (now not just limited to neutrals or evils, since that holy protection only happens to those within the aura itself), but if they look directly at the aura (visually akin to standing next to the sun), but every mile beyond the radius the spellcraft check lowers by 10; once it hits zero (at ~75 miles) it may be cured by any effect that removes blindness without making Spellcraft checks.
Every mile after this the DC to avoid permanent-until-magically-cured blindness lowers by 5, to a minimum of DC 0 at ~125 miles. Thousands of miles beyond this range, it's akin to looking directly at the sun at noon on a clear summer day (probably dazzled on failing Fort DC 15, followed by temporary blindness if you continue to stare for a minute or longer with a steadily rising Fort DC). At about six-thousand miles onward, there are no harmful effects from looking directly at it (brightness of the full moon, half-moon at 9k miles, 12k miles equivalent to the crescent moon, much further away than this is akin to a star in the night sky, which disappears entirely, even in a perfectly black night sky, beyond 50k miles [cannot be seen much closer if it's day, of course]).
Silver Tongue (Su): Anyone who hears Rainlight's voice must make a Will save (DC 249, Cha-based) or be charmed (as if by a charm monster spell). Use of this ability takes no action (but only affects targets once a round).
Sunlight Mirage (Su): When the clarion of battle sounds, there springs into existence an illusory legion of selves; it's impossible to tell by sight which of the thirteen identical Rainlights before you is the real one. This ability works like twelve Shadow Self divine abilities (You gain a semi-permanent shadow image. Treat as a single mirror image except that it foils even true seeing, except when used by an immortal with a higher divine rank. Once struck, the image fades away, but reappears at the start of the next round. Special: You can take this ability multiple times and its effects stack. Each time you gain an additional shadow image). This ability stacks with Nebulous: first check to see if the attack makes it past nebulous, if it succeeds, check to see if it hit one of the mirror images or not.
Uncanny Positive Energy Mastery (Su): Assault enemies with positive energy effects; can be shaped to not affect allies and self (calculated to take into account Quantum Effect and Inner Eye):
Beam (Ray): Standard action, deal 2496 positive energy damage as a ranged touch within 6,640 ft. Against undead and other negative energy creatures, it instead deals 4992 damage. Against creatures especially vulnerable to sunlight (spectres, vampires) or positive energy (deities with the Darkness portfolio), 7488 positive energy damage.
Blast (Wave): Standard action, either 415 ft. emanation or 415 ft. radius spread in 6,640 ft., 1248 or 2496 or 3744 positive energy damage. Ref DC 249 half (Cha-based).
Blood: Anyone striking and injuring Rainlight takes 624/1248/1872, Ref DC 238 negates (Con-based).
Breath: Standard action, 415 ft. cone or 1,660 ft. line, 2496/4992/7488, Ref DC 238 half (Con-based), 1d4 round delay between breaths.
Hand (Touch): Standard action, melee touch, 3744/7488/11232, no save.
Immolation (Death Throes): Upon being reduced to negative hit points, 3744/7488/11232 in divine aura (53,120 ft.). Ref DC 238 half (Con-based).
Storm (Aura): 53,120 ft. emanation, 624/1248/1872 per round, no save (except when trying to leave aura, then Ref DC 249 half [Cha-based]).
Strike: Bonus to weapon attacks, 624/1248/1872 each, no save, does not multiply on crits. Does not stack with Perfect Cosmic Positive Strike.
Wrath (Gaze): 415 ft. gaze (no action), 1248/2496/3744, Will DC 249 negates (Cha-based).
[The table and preceeding paragraph about half-way down the Qualities section of Coronovarma is better formatted and explained.]
Uncanny Wind Mastery (Su): Assault enemies with wind-based effects; can be shaped to not affect allies and self; enemies take 6 damage per 10 feet they are blown back, and the total damage is doubled if they strike a solid object like a wall or building; for every size category above Medium reduce damage by half, for every size category below Medium, double it. Quantum Effect, Inner Eye, etc.:
Beam (Ray): Standard action, knock back 6,240 ft. as a ranged touch within 6,640 ft.
Blast (Wave): Standard action, either 415 ft. emanation or 415 ft. radius spread in 6,640 ft., knock back 3,120 ft. Ref DC 249 half (Cha-based).
Blood: Anyone striking and injuring the deity is knocked back 1,560 ft., Ref DC 238 negates (Con-based).
Breath: Standard action, 415 ft. cone or 1,660 ft. line, knocked back 6,240 ft., Ref DC 238 half (Con-based), 1d4 round delay between breaths.
Hand (Touch): Standard action, melee touch, knocked back 9,360 ft., no save.
Immolation (Death Throes): Upon being reduced to negative hit points, everyone knocked back 9,360 ft. in divine aura (53,120 ft.). Ref DC 238 half (Con-based).
Storm (Aura): 53,120 ft. emanation, knocked back 1,560 ft. per round, no save (except when trying to leave aura, then Ref DC 249 half [Cha-based]).
Strike: Bonus to weapon attacks, knocked back 1,560 ft. each, no save, does not multiply on crits.
Wrath (Gaze): 415 ft. gaze (no action), knocked back 3,120 ft., Will DC 249 negates (Cha-based).
Unerring Ray (Ex): Any rays or ranged touch attacks used by Rainlight only miss on a natural 1. Once more, Inner Eye means he never rolls a natural 1.


Epic Dragon Traits (Ex): Epic/neotic/highborn dragons all have the following traits.
Bonus Feat: For each age category, epic dragons gain a stackable bonus feat. It is inherent to the dragon type and thus cannot be changed. Prismatic dragons gain Great Charisma; Rainlight has 27 higher Cha above and beyond normal age category increases.
Breath Delay: 1d3 rounds.
Deflection (Su): Deflection bonus to AC equal to Cha mod (superseded by old one traits).
Draconic Bonus (Ex): Draconic bonus (3 plus 1/age category; +30) to: armor class; attack rolls; checks (ability checks, caster level checks, skill checks, turning checks); difficulty class (for any special abilities, spell-like abilities, spells); initiative; saving throws; spell resistance; weapon damage rolls. N.B.: suggested to give the same bonus to true dragons, albeit at 2 plus 1/two categories (e.g., juveniles get +4, great wyrms +8).
Immunities: Poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning, disease, death effects, nonlethal damage, ability drain, energy drain. Not at risk of death from massive damage.
Keen Senses (Ex): Sees eight times as well as humans in shadowy illumination and four times as well in normal light. Darkvision out to 240 feet.
Scale Properties (Var): The scales of each epic dragon have some unusual properties. E.g., a force dragon is naturally invisible, while a polychromatic dragon can change the color of its scales.
Terrifying Presence (Ex): As frightful presence out to 3,240 feet. (120 feet per age category), and all creatures failing their saves become panicked for 8d6 rounds. Those who successfully save are still treated as shaken, unless wholly immune to fear.
Luck (Ex): Rainlight has a luck bonus equal to his Cha mod to hit points (Cha mod x HD) and weapon damage rolls.
Nebulous (Ex): The very light obey's Rainlight's unconscious urgings, bending and warping around his body at his whim. He gains a 75% chance of being unaffected by any attack that requires an attack roll. True seeing by beings of an equal or higher divine rank reduces the effectiveness of this ability to 50%.
Old One Traits (Ex or Su): Secundadeians possess the following traits.
[Aligned] Messiah (Su): Beings with the same alignment as the old one cannot harm it directly or indirectly.
Abilities (Ex): +64 to each Ability Score. Already figured into the above statistics.
Alter Reality (Su): Once per round as a free action, duplicate any spell of a level equal to 9 + number of Automatic Metamagic Capacity feats. This ability can also duplicate any epic spells of a DC equal to their Spellcraft check + 20.
Cosmic Consciousness (Ex): The senses of an old one extend to the borders of the current plane (and all its layers) they inhabit.
Cosmic Firmament (Ex): Always treated as within their godly realms (see Godly Realm below), regardless of where their divine selves manifest. They have a cosmic firmament modifier of six.
Cosmic Serpent (Su): With a touch, permanently change target alignment.
Cosmic String (Ex): Can only be permanently destroyed by a being of equal or better divine status. If an old one is destroyed by a being of a lower divine status it simply rejuvenates within 1d10 rounds. They can still be imprisoned, their quintessence drained until they start losing divine ranks, etc.
Damage Reduction (Ex): Equal to total hit dice (rounded down to nearest multiple of five) plus divine-rank-times-five (160), multiply total by cosmic firmament modifier (six). It cannot be penetrated, even by weapon materials or abilities that say they can reduce or penetrate any damage reduction, hardness, or the like -- unless they are sidereal artifacts, beings of sidereal power (basically anything that uses d100s for HD), etc. or higher, then such abilities work as advertised.
Deflection Bonus (Ex): Gain deflection bonus to AC equal to Cha mod.
Divine Abilities (Var): 32 divine abilities. See below.
Divine Aura (Su): Long range (400 + 40 ft. per Hit Dice/level); 6,640 ft.
Divine Bonus (Ex): +32 divine bonus to: armor class; attack rolls; checks (ability checks, caster level checks, skill checks, turning checks); difficulty class (for any special abilities, spell-like abilities, spells); initiative; saving throws; spell resistance.
Grant Spells (Su): Can grant spells of any level, so long as worshipers are high enough level.
Godly Realm: Mechanical effects of being within godly realm: any being the old one wishes (enemies or anyone else incurring their displeasure) takes a -32 penalty to all die rolls, and the old one has double maximum hit points.
Hit Dice: Old ones use d100's for hit dice and have sextuple maximum hit points for hit die (see Cosmic Firmament special quality)
Immortality (Ex): Does not age, requires no air to breathe, no food or drink, nor sleep.
Immunities (Ex): Unaffected by natural or magical effects such as: ability damage, disease, natural elements (cold, drowning, fire, lava, lightning, etc.), poison, and so forth. They can still be affected by artifacts (epic magic items) and spells.
Inherent Enhancement (Ex): The maximum inherent bonus of deities is increased by one per divine rank (in this case, +37).
Integrated Class Features (Var): Immortals with Outsider Hit Dice (instead of Class Levels) gain class features of any class equal to half their Hit Dice. The Caster Level for integrated spellcaster classes is always equal to the immortal's total Hit Die + Divine Rank.
Maven (Ex): Skill ranks raised to the maximum for each skill they know.
Natural Armor Bonus (Ex): Equal to 1/4 their total Hit Dice/Levels.
Omnicompetent (Ex): Knows all skills.
Portfolios (Var): Each old one has 2 Portfolios.
Spell Resistance (Su): Equal to total Hit Dice/levels +42.
Spell Reflection (Su): Any spell that fails to penetrate the old one's spell resistance is reflected back upon the caster.
Portfolio (Dragon) Traits (Ex or Su): Old Ones with the Dragon portfolio have the following abilities.
Cosmic Imperfection (Dragonslayers): One artifact in the universe can defeat your cosmic string ability.
Dragon Messiah (Ex): Dragons of a lower divine rank cannot harm you (no save).
Dragonslayer Pariah: Abilities or effects that specifically target dragons (such as a bonus against them, or dealing extra damage) no longer function within your godly realm.
Dragonslayer Vulnerability (Ex): Suffer 50% extra damage or effect from abilities that deal extra damage to or have bonuses against dragons (including favored enemy: dragon).
Embody the Dragon (Ex): Gain a half-dragon template; if already a true dragon or already half-dragon, gain energy immunity (and vulnerability if applicable) and breath weapon of one of the (non-epic) true dragons, different than your own.
Enlarge Aura (Su): Gains the Enlarge Aura divine ability three times, multiplying its area by 8.
Flight of Dragons (Ex): With at least one dragon ally within divine aura (including summoned dragons), gain regeneration (all damage becomes nonlethal, identical to the tarrasque's) equal to damage reduction gained from divinity (1890).
Improved Summoning (Dragons) (Su): Non-unique dragons summoned have 50% more hit dice.
Perfect Aura (Su): Gains Greater Aura, Superior Aura, and Perfect Aura.
Pride of the Dragon (Ex): Immune to charm and domination effects. Switch between half-dragon templates as a free action once a round.
Spell-Like Abilities (Sp): magic fang, resist energy, greater magic fang, voice of the dragon, true seeing, stoneskin, dragon ally, mass suggestion, dominate monster.
Voice of the Dragon (Su): Immunities against your charms or dominations (including immunity to mind-affecting effects or mindlessness) only 50% effective. At-will--
Portfolio (Sky) Traits (Ex or Su): Old Ones with the Sky portfolio have the following abilities.
Aerial Regeneration (Ex): Gain regeneration (all damage nonlethal, identical to the tarrasque) equal to damage reduction gained from divinity while flying (1890).
Cosmic Imperfection (Earth): One artifact in the universe can defeat Rainlight's cosmic string ability.
Embodiment of the Wind (Su): You can deny magical flight within your divine aura.
Flight (Perfect) (Ex): Fly at x3 land speed (or x3 existing flight speed).
Hostile Environment (Earth): Competence penalty (equal to divine rank) on all die rolls while standing on solid ground.
Improved Summoning (Avian): Avian creatures summoned have 50% more HD.
Messiah of the Skies (Su): Flying creatures of a lower divine rank cannot harm you (no save).
Pariah of Earth and Stone (Ex): Earth-based spells/effects cease to function in your divine realm.
Scion of the Sky (Su): Competence bonus (equal to divine rank) on attack rolls, damage rolls, and armor class while both you and your opponent are flying.
Spell-Like Abilities (Su): At-will: obscuring mist, wind wall, gaseous form, air walk, control winds, chain lightning, control weather, whirlwind, elemental swarm.
Uncanny Wind Mastery (Su): Assault your enemies with wind-based attacks. See above.
Vulnerable While Grounded (Ex): Suffer 50% extra damage from attacks and spells when not flying.
Wind Resistance (Ex): You suffer only 50% effect from wind based attacks and effects.
Spell-Like Abilities (Sp): At-will-- air walk, chain lightning, control weather, control winds, gaseous form, greater whirlwind, obscuring mist, stormrage, wind wall
Portfolio (Sun) Traits (Ex or Su): Old Ones with the Sky portfolio have the following abilities.
Cosmic Imperfection (Darkness): One artifact in the universe can defeat Rainlight's cosmic string ability.
Dark Pariah (Su): Dark- and negative-energy-based spells/effects cease to function in your divine realm.
Hostile Environment (Sunless) (Ex): Competence penalty (equal to divine rank) on all die rolls while within a sunless environment.
Improved Summoning (Light) (Su): Non-unique light- and positive-energy- based creatures summoned have 50% more hit dice.
Lightbringer (Su): Ignore turn resistance.
Light Immunity (Ex): Immune to light and positive energy attacks and spells.
Negative Energy Vulnerability (Su): Suffer 50% extra damage from negative energy attacks and spells.
Scion of the Sun (Ex): Competence bonus (equal to divine rank) on attack rolls, damage rolls, and armor class while bathed in sunlight.
Shining Messiah (Ex): Light or positive energy creatures of a lower divine rank cannot harm Rainlight (no save).
Shining Soul (Ex): When bathed in sunlight, gain regeneration (all damage becomes nonlethal, identical to the tarrasque's) equal to damage reduction gained from divinity (1890).
Spell-Like Abilites (Sp): At-will-- endure elements, heat metal, searing light, fire shield, flame strike, fire seeds, sunbeam, sunburst, prismatic sphere.
Scintillating Scales (Su): Rainlight's scales are as multi-faceted as the starry heaven. Any and all permanent natural armor is treated instead as a deflection bonus. He may lower or raise this defense as a free action once a round.
Note that even when this ability is not active, Rainlight still has the +103 deflection bonus from his sidereal nature; in this case his Armor Class line becomes: 528 (-32 size, +9 Dex, +103 deflection, +32 divine, +30 draconic, +32 luck, +32 sacred, +312 natural), touch 216, flat-footed 519
Spell Immunity (Ex): Rainlight is immune to all spells of 0-32nd level, regardless of whether or not they allow spell resistance or saving throws. He may choose to allow such spells to affect him (such as a buff from an ally or other benefits).
Vanguard Save (Su): Allies within Rainlight's divine aura may use his Fortitude, Reflex, and Will saves in place of their own.


Automatic Metamagic Capacity = Gain one free level of metamagic per round, which you may spontaneously apply to any spell (or spell-like ability) you can cast.
e.g. A Wizard with Automatic Metamagic Capacity could spontaneously apply the Enlarge Spell feat (or any other metamagic that increases the level of the spell slot required by one) once per round to any spell he casts, without increasing the level of the spell slots required.
It also stacks with existing metamagic deployment.
e.g. A wizard with Automatic Metamagic Capacity feats could spontaneously apply the Enlarge Spell feat to a previously prepared empowered delayed blast fireball in a 9th-level spell slot.
A character can gain this feat multiple times. Each time they gain the feat they gain one free level of metamagic per round. This feat stacks, each time it is taken you gain an additional +1 free spell level of metamagic.
e.g. A wizard with 3 Automatic Metamagic Capacity feats could spontaneously apply the Maximize Spell feat to a previously prepared empowered delayed blast fireball in a 9th-level spell slot. This feat is suggested as the replacement for the following epic feats: Automatic Quicken Spell; Automatic Silent Spell; Automatic Still Spell and Improved Spell Capacity.
The various Automatic Quicken/Silent/Still spell feats are unbalanced. Improved Spell Capacity becomes more pedantic the higher in power you become, while in addition progressively alienating more and more lower level spells.
e.g. A wizard with Automatic Quicken Spell (x2) and Improved Spell Capacity (x3) should replace them with Automatic Metamagic Capacity (x5).
Automatic Writing (Su): As soon as you see a spell in operation, either in the act of being cast or its ongoing effects, you automatically are able to commit a spell to memory. Just a prereq for something actually useful.
Easy Metamagic = Choose a metamagic feat you know that modifies a spell level by at least +2. Now it costs 1 less to apply that metamagic feat to your spells. I.e., it costs Rainlight here +3 metamagic to quicken his spells. Before you complain, know I could have instead, or in addition to, halved the cost of Empower...
Epic Speed = This was ruled to act like a permanent increase similar to a barbarian's Fast Movement. I'm sure everyone ignores the "does not stack with other speed increasers" thing anyway.
Energize Spell [Metamagic] = +1 spell level to charge a damaging spell with positive energy to do 150% damage to undead (and anything else that takes extra damage from positive energy effects, such as immortals with the Darkness portfolio, hint-hint) and 50% damage to everything else. This applies after all other damage modifiers, and can never stack with itself. Fits Rainlight like a dress.
Explosive Spell [Metamagic] = +2 spell level to: A spell that has a Cone, Cylinder, Line, or Burst that allows a Reflex save will now push any creature that fails its Reflex save out of the area of effect. For every full 10' a target is moved, he/she takes an additional 1d6 damage, plus an extra 1d6 if he/she strikes a barrier. In addition, the target is knocked Prone.
Force of Personality = Use Cha mod in place of Wisdom for Will saves. Simple enough.
Fortify Spell = Works like Heighten (including the higher spell level effect) except gain +2 to beating spell resistance instead of increasing DC's. Prereq for Penetrating Spell.
Greater Casting = Your spells' cap is doubled (20d6 fireball max, rainbow pattern affects up to 48 HD of creatures). This is a passive ability.
Greater Power Attack = Power attack on a 2:3 ratio. Superseded by Unearthly Power Attack below.
Greater Natural Attack = Damage die up by one, stacks with Improved Natural Attack. Furthermore, gain +1/4 HD as a bonus (untyped) to attack rolls with that natural weapon. Prereq: INA (duh).
Mathesis = With a successful Spot check (DC 20 + target's hit dice) you can accurately determine an opponent's martial class levels and physical ability scores (constitution, dexterity, strength).
Metamagic Freedom = You can apply the same metamagic feat any number of times to the same spell, provided you have a spell slot of adequate level or sufficient free levels of metamagic from Automatic Metamagic Capacity
e.g. With this feat you could use a 9th-level spell slot to triple empower a fireball spell (for +150% damage).
Normal: Without this feat you can only apply the same metamagic feat once to a single spell.
Special: A spell can only be quickened more than once a round with the free levels of metamagic granted by Automatic Metamagic Capacity. In any given round, you may cast one spell that is not quickened, one spell that is prepared as quickened, and any number of spells quickened spells, each using 4 free levels of metamagic from your Automatic Metamagic Capacity quota for that round.
Multiple quickened spells happen simultaneously, so you cannot teleport to a location, cast a spell and then teleport away again.
NB: In the wake of this feat the following feats become redundant: Improved Heighten Spell, Intensify Spell, Multispell. It is also suggested that you remove the Improved Metamagic feat altogether.
Improved Heighten Spell should be unnecessary if you already have Heighten Spell. Intensify Spell is simply a combination of two applications of empower spell and one application of maximize spell. Multispell is simply two (or more) applications of quicken spell. The first of the above feats should be replaced with Metamagic Freedom and any others by Automatic Metamagic Capacity.
Phrenology = With a successful Spot check (DC 20 + target's hit dice) you can accurately determine an opponent's spellcasting levels and mental ability scores (charisma, intelligence, wisdom).
Quick Reconnoiter = Can make one Spot check and one Listen check each round as a free action. Free actions are free, and go back and reread Mathesis and Phrenology.
Rapid Spell = Decreases casting time for spells: 1 full round = standard action, multiple rounds = 1 full round, multiple minutes = 1 minute, multiple hours = 1 hour. +1 spell level. I guess I can find some full round spells to quicken now. Can't think of any good ones at the moment.
Reach Spell = Melee touch becomes 30 ft. reach, effectively a ray spell.
Rapidstrike/Improved Rapidstrike = Look at his full attack routine. See all those extra claw and wing attacks? That's what these do. He's supposed to get iterative attacks with claws and wings, but I took Perfect Weapon Focus (a waste for him) just because I was tired of recalculating a dozen or so numerals each time I tweaked his Strength score by a point or two.
Sculpt Spell = For +1 spell level, any area of effect spell can have its area changed to one of the following: Cylinder with 10' radius & 30' height, 40' cone, four 10' cubes, 20' radius sphere, or 120' line.
Transdimensional Spell = +1 spell level: Full effect on targets that are incorporeal, ethereal, using blink or rope trick, etc. Must still perceive a foe to target with the spell, but AoEs work normally.
Unbound Spell [Metamagic] = +3 spell level: Any non-variable numeric components of the spell are doubled. i.e. A Tenser's Transformation spell affected by this feat would provide +8 to Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution, +10 to Natural Armor, a +10 Competence Bonus on Fortitude Saves, and last for 2 rounds/Caster Level. Prereqs: Enlarge Spell, Extend Spell, Widen Spell, Spellcraft 33 ranks.
Like Empower Spell, but works on spells that Empower Spell cannot work on. Let me try that again: Empower Spell's cousin, only works on those spells Empower Spell doesn't apply to... isn't applicable to... Ahem. Comparable to Empower Spell, but it has the power to empower that which Empower Spell is powerless to empower <<<BOOM>>> my head a'splode.
Weapon Mastery = Instead of Weapon Foc/Spec (sword/claw/whatever) you now can just specify bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing. Lets you apply all your weap foc/spec feat chains on a weapon damage type, saving you lots of wasted feats.

Divine Abilities[edit]

Abnormality (Wings) = Grows an extra pair of wings, doubling flight speed.
Adjuration = Each day, can summon creatures (each time this ability is used, regardless of the number of creatures summoned, is a standard action, and they stick around for a number of minutes equal to HD or until dismissed as a free action; Ascension didn't have this info so I just made it up) whose total HD is no greater than twice your total HD. No creature may have a CR greater than 1/2 your HD plus your Divine Rank.
So for Rainlight here: he can summon 312 HD worth of beasties a day, and no single creature can have a CR higher than 82. So basically this means he can bring in four great wyrm prismatic dragons to help in a tough fight. Might be useful. Also, according to his Portfolio powers, dragons and "beings of light" summoned or called have 50% more hit dice. I see no reason why these can't stack if the creature qualifies for both (such as great wyrm prismatic dragons).
Furthermore, I don't see why the extra HD and possibly CR from the Portfolio powers shouldn't be considered "free" when considering this Adjuration ability (otherwise the portfolio powers would be pretty useless, no?). So, as a standard action, bring in four double-HD'd great wyrm prismatic dragons. They aren't increased in age or anything, just higher attack bonuses, hit points, and the like.
All things considered, it's probably more effective for him just to quickened greater dispel/hold monster/whatever and follow up with a full attack pounce-charge on the opening round.
Dire Spell = Any variable numeric component of any and all spells or spell-like abilities has a bonus equal to half the average damage of the die roll (round down). E.g., polar ray now deals 25d6+43 cold damage, creatures struck with energy drain gain 2d4+2 negative levels, etc. This bonus damage is not multiplied by Empower Spell, but it does work with any ability that raises dice caps e.g., a dolorous enhanced delayed blast fireball deals 30d12+97 damage. Prereqs: Empower Spell, Maximize Spell, appropriate Spellcraft ranks. This is a passive ability (just so you know it isn't metamagic, though it behaves so)
Divine Sorcery = Know double the numbers of spells known for each level.
Divine Wizardry = Have double the number of spell slots available per day.
Dolorous Spell = Any variable numeric components of the spell are increased by two die steps, to a maximum of d12. e.g., cone of cold deals 15d12 damage, enervate 1d8 negative levels. Prereqs: appropriate Spellcraft ranks, etc.
Heavenly Body = DR as luck bonus to armor class (+32)
Heavenly Mind = Cha mod as luck bonus to attack rolls (+103).
Heavenly Soul = DR as luck bonus to saving throws (Ascension wants the Soul line to be equal to an ability score modifier, but that's just too much of a bonus to saving throws; if you disagree feel free to increase all his saves by +142 and I dare you not to throw up)
Heavenly Spirit = DR as luck bonus to the save DC's of any saving throws you force others to make. These could be from abilities, spells, spell-like abilities, etc.
Mindless Spell = Mind-affecting spells modified ignore immunity to mind-affecting effects, including creatures with no Intelligence scores. x4 spell level.
Nescient = Ignores all feat prerequisites.
Penetrating Spell [Metamagic] = Ignores spell resistance, effectively altering the modified spell's stat block to say Spell Resistance: No. Multiplies spell level by x3 -- apply after all non-multiplicative metamagic modifiers (more than one multiplying metamagic stack, so an Irresistible Penetrating spell would be x11). Prereqs: Spell Penetration, Greater Spell Penetration, Epic Spell Penetration, Fortify Spell, primary casting ability score (Int for wizards, Wis for Clerics, Cha for sorcerors) 40.
Perfect Initiative = Always goes first. If fighting another enemy with this ability or something similar, they roll initiative against each other and go after everybody else.
Perfect Weapon Focus = Read rapidstrike entry. This is useless. However, it's a prereq for Unearthly Weapon Focus.
Quantum Effect = Incorporates fate into [Effect] abilities (such as Positive Energy Strike). Roll a d10: 1, Effect damages self at normal strength, 2-3 no effect, 4-6 half effect, 7-14 no change (normal effect), 15-17 double effect, 18-19 triple effect, 20 quadruple effect. Now read the Inner Eye cosmic ability.
Resonating Spell = The spell affects every creature within the caster's divine aura that the caster wishes to affect. Multiplies spell level by x4.
'Rune Spell = The spell modified ignores anti-magic; it functions normally as if it were an extraordinary ability. Ignores the effects of a zone of dead magic with a successful Spellcraft check [some arbitrary number] or an opposed Spellcraft check if the dead zone was erected by another immortal (e.g. Dead Zone transcendental ability), otherwise it's suppressed normally. Multiplies spell level by x6.
Can still use Alter Reality to try to duplicate a spell as long as it's modified with Rune Spell (spellcraft check as normal). This line is just incase some RAI-snubbing snarker says, "HAY! Alter Reality in and of itself is (Su), kekekekeke! Dead Zone makes it not work at all! HAW!" But no, I have it explicitly say, right here, written down RAW, that it works! So haw-HAW right back atcha!
Man does it suck to have to increase an ability's description two or three times longer than it need be for 99.99% of people who didn't get dropped on their head at birth, just because tabletop gamers are such epic-level loophole-locators and anal-retentive-reinterpreters that they make the cheeks of veteran lawyers tingle in envious shame. Just one of the many reasons we gamers SUCK.
N.B. this was an answer to the Dead Zone, which as written makes 95% of every deity's stat block obsolete, and they can't do a thing about it. Which is just rude.
Sacred Body/Mind/Soul/Spirit = Repeat of Heavenly etc., except add +Sacred bonuses.
Superior Casting = Spell caps are quadrupled, e.g. fireball 40d6 max, deep slumber affects up to 40 HD of creatures.
Superior Power Attack = Power attack with a 1:2 ratio. Superseded by Unearthly Power Attack below.
Superior Natural Attack = Gain +2 die increases to natural attacks, stacks with INA and GNA. Also gain +1/2 hit die in attack bonus (overlaps with bonus from GNA, does not stack). Prereq: INA, GNA.
Telluric Effect = If you keep hitting the same opponent round after round with the same [Effect] ability (for this guy: Cosmic Positive Strike), each round after the last the effect doubles. So if the enemy survives the first round and he full attacks again, double the damage dice (and damage bonus) done with the positive energy, then triple, then quadruple, etc.
Theurgic Spell = All hit point damage dealt by spells that is not untyped (e.g., sonic, force, vile) deals half divine damage. Spells that are already half divine (e.g., flame strike) now do 1/4 fire, 3/4 divine. Creatures vulnerable to an element still take 50% damage from theurgic spells, e.g., a white dragon takes an average of 52 damage from a 10d6 divine fireball, and any special properties of elements like vile and permanent still have full effect. This is a passive ability.
Third Eye (Su): Grow a third eye. Can use any ray ability (such as from an [effect] ability), spell, or spell-like ability as a free action once a round.
Uncanny Positive Energy Mastery = Assaults enemies with positive energy attacks (can only use/activate one effect at a time; there's an entire page dedicated to these in Ascension pg. 117). See Combat section for all the gritty details.
Uncanny Weapon Focus = Use highest BAB instead of epic attack bonuses. Completely useless for this guy, but it's a prereq for Unearthly Weapon Focus.
X-Ray Vision = Has the ability to see through solid objects. For each round of concentration, vision penetrates 1 inch of metal, 1 foot of stone, or 3 feet of wood or dirt. Especially dense metals like adamantine, gold, lead, or silver cannot be penetrated by this x-ray vision.

Cosmic and Transcendental Abilities[edit]

Cataclysmic Spell [Metamagic] = +12 spell levels makes any spell that deals elemental damage (acid, cold, electricity, fire) do all of them, as if you had admixtured three times. For example, a cataclysmic fireball does 10d6 acid, 10d6 cold, 10d6 electricity, 10d6 fire. Spells modified gain the subtypes [Acid, Cold, Electricity, Fire] if they did not already have one or more.
Doesn't sound like much, especially with that steep cost in crappy prereqs, and you could do the same thing by admixturing three times anyway, but once you run the numbers, (especially when you realize, say, an admixtured cataclysmic split polar ray is now doing an upwards of 3200d20 damage at the mere cost of +18 spell levels, now empower it a dozen times, then quicken it so you can do it again, oh and do it a third time with alter reality!), this thing deserves to be cosmic. Prereqs: Energy Admixture (Acid, Cold, Electricity, Fire), Energy Substitution (Acid, Cold, Electricity, Fire), Spellcraft some arbitrarily high number.
Daunting Body (Ex): Opponents affected by your divine aura (I guess this means they fail their save against one of the aura's effects, e.g. insanity) suffers a morale penalty to their armor class equal to your Charisma modifier (-103 on top of the -32 from godly realm).
Daunting Mind (Ex) = Like Body, now to attack rolls.
Daunting Soul (Ex) = -103 to all their saving throws is huge guts! Hope you have defense against morale penalties.
Devastating Spell = Any variable, numeric component of any and all spells or spell-like abilities is increased from its original die-size to d20s, or to d12s if the base die was originally d4 or lower (e.g. energy drain, magic missile). Prereqs: Dire Spell, Dolorous Spell, Spellcraft 123 ranks. This is a passive ability.
Enlightened (Su) = You know all spells that have ever been created.
Extra Portfolio (Sky) = Gain all the benefits and drawbacks of the chosen portfolio above and beyond your normal two.
Great Breath (Su) = You can create natural creatures who can themselves reproduce (The creation of any races mimics the creation of outsiders, see Table 1-17 on page 17, but remember that the transfer of quintessence is only 10% effective thus to create a 21 Hit Dice being will cost 10,000 QP, not merely 1000 QP).
Normal: Without this ability immortals can only create outsiders. (this is just something flavorful for this guy)
Hyperostosis (Ex) = Your natural armor bonus is equal to double your hit dice. Prereq: Natural armor must be equal to or greater than your total hit dice. This only raised his natural armor from +271 to +312, but whatever.
Inner Eye (Ex) = You always gain the best dice rolls in any given situation. However, a natural 20 is not an automatic success when using this ability. This is basically the same as Deities & Demigod's Maximize All Rolls for their greater deities.
N.B. Supposed to be a cosmic ability, but it's really too powerful to gain at a level where enemies don't have a chance to counter it (e.g., Evil Eye).
Innocence (Su) = You cannot be harmed by any being of an equal or lesser divine status until you yourself attack them. Very annoying for assassins.
Irresistible Spell [Metamagic] = Spell modified always beats the target's saving throw, as if your saving throw DC were infinity. Still doesn't work against targets immune to the effect (e.g., undead and mind-affecting spells [unless further modified by Mindless Spell] or constructs that ignore most Fortitude rolls). If the target never fails saving throws, e.g. Transilient Reflexes, as with all occurences of "always vs. never" AKA "unstoppable force meets immovable object", the two abilities cancel each other out and things happen normally (in this case, enemy rolls saving throw against spell DC as usual).
Multiplies spell level by x12 -- apply after all non-multiplicative metamagic modifiers, stacks with multiplicative metamagic modifiers (it doesn't multipliy multipliers).
Prereqs: Heighten Spell, Spell Focus in all eight schools, Greater Spell Focus in all eight schools, Epic Spell Focus in all eight schools, True Spell Focus (+12 spell DC in selected school, works out to +15 considering all spell foci) in all eight schools, Int/Wis/Cha all 130.
N.B. original form struck hard with the +5 vorpal nerf bat -- used to be x8, a cosmic ability, and furthermore used to say "Ignores saving throws, effectively altering the modified spell's stat block to say Saving Throw: None." Even at x30, x100, or x9001 the ability to Saving Throw: None a Finger of Death or Dominate Monster is too much. Even time lords can't say "you die" and make it so (but the supreme being might, with a metempiric ability; that's right I'm saying this was too powerful even as an omnific); they still need to work at smacking the guy 4,500 times with trio-wielded greathammers, dealing one-hundred million damage each strike.
There needs to be some sort of defense available against a level-equivalent ability, e.g., transilient saving throws (which is why I'd nerfbat Abrogate -- which as written works for a lesser deity going up against a high lord -- to allow a saving throw and only affect up to your divine rank; also why I nerfbatted Inner Eye, because perfect [whatever] strike + Quantum + Inner Eye = I win -- not to mention twenty (more like one-hundred for normal characters) maximized 320d10, or x40 empowering a spell with a base damage of 3,120 -- unless you have a chance at meeting someone who can counteract that [Evil Eye]). The other side of the coin is needed too (a defense should be beatable by something), which is why transilient saving throws now have a measure of overcoming them, with this metamagic. Besides, transcendental is the level where one starts to get the "always hits, never misses, never gets hit, never fails saving throws, etc." abilities that "transcend the laws of reality of one dimension", so it's appropriate.
I didn't nerfbat Penetrating Spell because spell resistance is a joke anyway at best, and an unnecessary irritance at worst-- golems and dragons should be burnt by regular fireballs anyway! Most sane and/or merciful DMs houserule (or at least *should* IMHO) that such blast spells don't allow spell resistance anyway. But even if this is in effect, Penetrating Spell is still useful, and not overpowered for its level. Besides, I like the resulting ladder: Divine says "screw you, spell resistance," Cosmic says, "Screw you, mind-affecting immunity," Transcendental says, "Screw you, saving throws."
Perfect Cosmic Positive Strike = Kind of like Cosmic [Effect] only it deals positive energy damage. Do 2d20 per HD against undead, etc., and 3d20 per HD to vulnerable to sunlight, 1/4 HD effect for Strike, etc. The exact damage is listed in his full attack routine.
Unearthly Power Attack = Power attack on a 1:4 basis -- if he had a two-handed weapon it'd do 1:8 (1:16 if he also had leap attack, 1:128 if he unearthly power attacked while leap attacking and mounted charging with super charge and a lance; I love being a fighter with Immortal's Handbook rules), but that's neither here nor there.
Unearthly Weapon Focus = Attacks with selected weapon resolved as touch attacks.

Tactics Round-By-Round[edit]

Prior to combat: Cast extended x99 displacement, greater mirror image, mind blank, mass death ward, superior invisibility, foresight, true seeing, brilliant aura (for allies, if not fighting golems and the like) greater wings of air (draconic allies), righteous might (-32 attack rolls, bite 480d10, claw 320d10, wing 240d10, tail 320d10, OSNCA); cast epic mage armor x8 (see below), epic fortification x24 (see below), and custom epic spell (summon ancient time dragon*) and summon monster CXVII** (1d4+1 cherubim***) three or four times each, then buff summoned creatures likewise wherever applicable (saving throw buffs not needed thanks to Vanguard Save), finally cast empowered x24 resonating maw of chaos (41,379 untyped damage to all enemies in divine aura for 218 rounds, Will DC 248 or 1-round daze, and any action that requires concentration such as casting a spell or using a spell-like ability requires a Concentration check against DC 151 plus spell level to succeed; creatures with the chaotic subtype are unaffected by this spell [there could easily be maws of law and good out there...]).
Round 1: Send time dragons to harry temporal opponents, have cherubim assault those he himself isn't that turn (each opening up with re-echoing roar). Pounce charge as many opponents as possible (widen attack), if all attacks hit they hit deal 72,106 (55,306 if not full power-attacking) with an additional 62,400/124,800/187,200 positive energy damage; on the same targets breathe prismatic spray with an attached payload of a cataclysmic empowered x43 breath weapon admixture [ruled to add elemental damage to any breath weapon, obviously] (284,076 divine elemental) and on the strongest target, cataclysmic empowered x43 polar ray from Third Eye (182,100 divine elemental). If target(s) survives, hit with additional damaging spells from Alter Reality like a cataclysmic empowered x42 fire storm (140,800 divine elemental). If not, prevent others' escape with forcecage, grasping hand, stun ray, frostfell, mass hold monster, or remove them with glass strike (flesh to stone but works on undead and constructs), irresistible dance, feeblemind, prismatic spray, hiss of sleep (deep slumber but no HD limit), dominate monster, disjunction-- modified with Irresistible Spell, Penetrating Spell, Mindless Spell, etc. as appropriate.
Round 2: Resummon time dragons and cherubim if necessary. If injured enough, cast quickened unbound x32 mass heal to restore 32,000 hit points. Otherwise repeat round 1.
* DC 314; summon seed (14), other than outsider (+10), summon CR 224 creature (+444), +64 to overcome SR^ (+128), increase range to 675 ft.^^ (+6); increase duration to 10 minutes (+4); standard action casting time (+20); backlash 312d100 (-312; backlash equal to hit die size to make the penalty meaningful for immortals... then Inner Eye makes the damage roll minimum for 312. Awesome.)
^ See Summon seed. The extra HD from Improved Summoning, and thus its improved SR and saving throws, apply the instant AFTER it is summoned, not while the spell is being cast, therefore the spell can automatically beat its normal Will of 213 and needs a boost to beat its normal SR of 286.
^^ So there's soom to accomodate the big boy's space of 640 ft.
** every level summon monster IX is heightened above 9, max CR is 1.33 * SM level. Therefore SM 117 = max CR of 156, or 1d3 CR 154, or 1d4+1 CR 152 or lower.
*** By a stretch of the imagination, cherubim could be considered 'light' creatures (prismatic visage, divine fire) for the purpose of improved summoning (+50% more HD), but this is not assumed.
Epic Mage Armor: +139 armor, +139 natural, +31 enhancement, +31 insight, +31 foresight, +31 morale, +31 circumstance, +31 competence, +31 exalted; AC 920/T 692/FF 911. Can't touch this.
Epic Fortification: +150 enhancement and +50 insight, foresight, morale, circumstance, competence, and exalted to saving throws and spell resistance; F/R/W/SR 780/697/791/766 aka +TEXAS; could easily add the same to all ability scores for roughly +200 more to everything, but that's too painful to recalculate on the fly... Alter Reality is just disgusting, even with my nerf. It's scary to think everyone with Alter Reality can do the same thing, making nexus dragons actually scary for their CR; that is, until they case superb dispelling. But that's a turn wasted when they could be killing. Exactly what the enemy wants.

Summoned Time Dragon[edit]

Ancient Cometary Dragon
Size/Type: Macro-Diminutive Dragon (Extraplanar, Lawful)
Hit Dice: 336d100+11,088 (44,688 hp)
Initiative: +68 (+8 Dex, +52 foresight, +8 supreme initiative)
Speed: 12,600 ft., 31,800 ft. (good)
Armor Class: 415 (-64 size, +56 deflection, +8 Dex, +10 dodge, +52 foresight, +343 natural), touch 72, flat-footed -
Base Attack/Grapple: +336/+470
Attack: 2 bites +376 (20d10+52 plus 20d10 chronal cold)
Full Attack: 12 bites +376 melee, 4 claws +374 melee (10d10+26 plus 10d10 chronal cold)
Space/Reach: 640 ft./480 ft. (640 ft. with bite)
Special Attacks: Breath weapon (DC 263, 3,200 ft. cone, 1d2 delay), overwhelming presence (DC 263, 6,400 ft.), seventh sense (replay 10 rounds/day), spells (CL 336th), spell-like abilities, time folding
Special Qualities: Chronal displacement, cosmic string, cosmic traits, darkvision 1,200 ft., DR 110/-, energy absorption (fire), immunities, keen senses, spell resistance 388, virtual size category (two)
Saves: Fort +330*, Ref +262, Will +341*
* Rainlight's Vanguard Save; norm F/W 287/301
Abilities: Str115 (+52), Dex 26 (+8), Con 76 (+33), Int 104 (+47), Wis 105 (+47), Cha 122 (+56)
Skills: Omnicompetent - all skills 391 + key ability modifier
Feats: Automatic Metamagic Capacity (x60), Blind-Fight, Cleave, Empower Spell, Enhance Spell, Enlarge Spell, Epic Spellcasting, Extend Spell, Flyby Attack, Great Cleave, Heighten Spell, Hover, Improved Initiative, Improved Natural Attack (Bite, Claw), Improved Sunder, Maximize Spell, Metamagic Freedom, Multiattack, Power Attack, Quicken Spell, Silent Spell, Snatch, Spell Knowledge (x5), Still Spell, Supreme Initiative, Widen Spell
Alignment: Lawful neutral


They typically enter combat by casting time stop to attack any enemies who can act freely in frozen time, then full attacking and casting quickened empowered (x28) polar rays or meteor swarms. If enemies are not immune to time stop, each one casts time stop (they all can act freely in the bonus rounds of each other's time stops) and casts as many empowered (x32) and quickened empowered (x28) meteor swarms as they can. Repeat tactic with delayed blast fireballs (empowered [x32] and quickened empowered [x28]), polar rays, cones of cold, etc. if they run out of spell slots before time stop ends. Continue until all spell slots or enemies are gone. If there are survivors, use temporal stasis breath and full attack repeatedly. Uses seventh sense to get between enemies trying to attack Lumrenescim if he needs it.

Breath Weapon (Su): Each of the cometary dragon's twin heads can breathe a cone of temporal stasis that freezes all targets who fail a Reflex save (DC 10 + 1/2 Hit Dice + Constitution modifier + Foresight bonus) for a number of rounds equal to the dragon's age category (DC 10 + 168 + Con + 52; 10 rounds). Targets who successfully save are treated as if slowed for the same number of rounds. Opponents frozen in this manner can still be attacked normally by the cometary dragon, however, once affected by this breath weapon an opponent is immune to subsequent breath attacks until the initial effect wears off.
eg. If an opponent successfully saved against the breath weapon of a juvenile cometary dragon it would be slowed for four rounds. But it would be immune to that particular cometary dragon's breath weapon until those four rounds have elapsed.
Overwhelming Presence (Ex): The dragon's terrifying presece extends to 640 ft. per age category (6,400 ft.). All creatures failing their saves die of fright, those who successfully save are treated as shaken (but with a -4 morale penalty to rolls) unless wholly immune to fear.
Spell-like Abilities (Sp): At-will - astral projection, etherealness, greater teleport, plane shift, shapechange, temporal stasis, time stop; 1/day - safe time, time duplicate; 1/week - dire winter. DC's 118 plus spell level.
Spells: As 168th-lvl sorceror. CL 388. DC's 118 plus spell level.
Spells per day: 6/20/20/20/20/19/19/19/19/18.
Sorcerer Spells Known (10 more with spell knowledge [x5]) (9/5/5/4/4/4/5/5/6/6); save DC 73 + spell level): 0 - dancing lights, detect magic, flare, ghost sound, light, message, ray of frost, read magic, resistance; 1st - chill touch, mage armor, magic missile, shield, summon monster I; 2nd - eagle’s splendor, mirror image, shatter, scorching ray, summon monster II; 3rd - dispel magic, fireball, slow, summon monster III; 4th - dimension door, dimensional anchor, summon monster IV, wall of ice; 5th - break enchantment, cone of cold, summon monster V, wall of force; 6th - chain lightning, greater dispel magic, legend lore, planar binding, summon monster VI; 7th - banishment, delayed blast fireball, forcecage, prismatic spray, summon monster VII; 8th - dimensional lock, maze, polar ray, summon monster VIII, sunburst, temporal stasis; 9th - gate, meteor swarm, prismatic sphere, summon monster IX, time stop, wish.
Epic Spells per day: (43); save DC 128
Epic spells known: enslave, epic counterspell, epic mage armor, epic repulsion, epic spell reflection, greater ruin, kinetic control, let go of me, living lightning, mass frog, nailed to the sky, peripety, safe time, soul scry, superb dispelling, time duplicate.
Cosmic Traits (Ex): Gain +52 foresight bonus to: armor class; attack rolls; checks (ability checks, caster level checks, skill checks, turning checks); difficulty class (for any special abilities, spell-like abilities, spells); initiative; saving throws and spell resistance. Hit dice change to d100s and have maximum hit points for each hit die.
Immunities: Poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning, disease, death effects, nonlethal damage, ability drain, energy drain, spells of the following schools: conjuration, enchantment, illusion, necromancy, transmutation. Not at risk of death from massive damage.
Keen Senses (Ex): Neotic dragons see fourty times as well as a human in shadowy illumination and twenty times as well in normal light. They also have darkvision out to 1,200 ft.
Omnicompetent (Ex): Highborn dragons know all skills and have maximum ranks in each.


  • Immortal's Handbook: Epic Bestiary
  • Immortal's Handbook: Ascension
  • Crystalkeep Feats Index
  • Miniature's Handbook
  • Epic Level Handbook
  • Draconomicon
  • Spell Compendium

Adventure Ideas[edit]

  • High Epic: Several heads of good pantheons and racial hegemonies have gathered with Sandalphon, the king of angels, to discuss the sudden shift towards evil in the multiverse. It is revealed that their sun is an overdeity, and they ponder whether or not they should awaken Lumrenescim to redress this recent imbalance.
  • Low Cosmic: Lumrenescim awakens, but chooses to remain in the sky as to not disrupt the lives of billions of celestials and rewarded souls. The players may be the only ones with the brass to seek audience to find out why, and discover what it is he wishes.
  • Mid Cosmic: The skies over the planes of good go dark, but Rainlight is nowhere to be found! Has his diametrically opposed cosmic cellmate escaped to capture the sky celestial? Or have more sidereals suddenly disappeared? The others may not be noticed immediately as their absence would be nowhere near as dramatic, but should the planes go haywire...

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