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For the Empire!
Imperial Soldier
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Valshock Campaign Setting

Symbol: An orb surrounded by a blue haze representing the breath of life and the orb representing a seed.
Home Plane: Material Plane
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Creation, Life, Dreams, Peace.
Clergy Alignments: Any.
Domains: Life, Creation, Light
Favored Weapon: None
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Aetherious appears to her followers within their dreams as what they perceive her to be. She looks different to each of her followers and therefore most people don't know her true form. Although most of her followers don't know what she truly looks like, they seem to always perceive her with 6 tails, each representing her children.


Aetherious is the mother goddess and therefore created Valshock. Everything, from the kindest soul to the darkest creature is by some extension created by her. Therefore, she wishes for her creations to coexist without destroying all she has created.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Temples of Aetherious are found almost everywhere that a destruction god is not near. (For they usually tear down all other temples within a radius of their own) Her clergy preaches of peace and how the mother goddess created this world and all life in it. As surprising as it may be, though, Aetherious is not worshiped directly as much as her children for she does not intervene directly in the matter of most mortals unless her children ruin her creation. The reason she does not intervene is because she lies within Valshock in a deep slumber and lies dreaming of new creations. Although she is a goddess of creation her clergy also warns others that if the world of Valshock becomes too unbalanced, she might awaken and wipe Valshock clean in a holy and cleansing light to recreate her perfection.


Aetherious is part of the Elder Gods Pantheon in the Valshock Campaign Setting

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