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Symbol: Upside down scythe sitting at a diagonal angle with the butt ending in a ring with 4 spikes.
Home Plane: Underworld
Alignment: Neutral Evil; Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Death, War, Conquest, Insanity, Pain, Terror, and Corruption.
Clergy Alignments: Neutral Evil; Chaotic Evil
Domains: Underworld & Chaos Plane trying to push for the living world.
Favored Weapon: Scythe and Dark magick


Dhuum is the cruel and unjust god who once ruled the Underworld as the god of death. During his reign, his tower and throne were situated in the region now known as the Chaos Planes. Dhuum tolerated neither resurrections nor the existence of the undead, and he hunted down all those who cheated death, having promised "death undeniable." Eventually, Grenth overthrew Dhuum and took the mantle as the new god of death. Grenth, however, could not slay Dhuum, and so imprisoned him instead within the Hall of Judgment, behind enchanted doors and layers of divine magic. Though asleep, Dhuum's dark power increases every time a creature in the world dies, strengthening him so he may eventually free himself.


Followers of Dhuum know death is inevitable, so they live their life for thrill, excitement, and to leave a touch of chaos everywhere to please their god to become a soldier in his army.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Dhuum's Clergy are dis-banned due to Grenth hunting and killing majority of the worshippers. Those that survived have trained themselves to watch every detail around me. Temples have been brought to ruin during the war between Grenth and Dhuum. However sacrifices and worships can be made at personal alters or with a sacrificial body or soul.

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