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The original DM
Symbol: A Can of Mountain Dew
Home Plane: All Of Them
Alignment: CE
Portfolio: Everything
Clergy Alignments: None required
Domains: All Domains
Favored Weapon: Dice

The Dungeon Master asks not for much. Simple offerings of food and drink can keep his wrath from coming upon people. He is sometimes confused with the god of dungeons. They are completely different. One is semi-powerful, the other could blink the other out of existence. Dungeon Master is very vengeful and hates to be made fun of or in any other way belittled. He is apt to lead hints to adventuring parties in the form of idle tavern talk or other vague signs. These usually lead to tests of skill which result in rewards of treasure. Those who purposely ignore these hints or do anything else to upset the DM, as he is called for short, are very likely to incur various punishments, usually in the form of massive head trauma, lightning bolts, Beholders, a giant invisible slapping hand, or dropping rocks from nowhere.


He encourages the death of small, defenseless dungeon creatures, such as kobolds (he especially aids in their death... as they usually die in funny fashions) or goblinoids, and the looting of these creatures' treasure. He discourages ignoring his hints and idle banter that leads nowhere. Also he encourages sacrifices in the ways of food, drink, money, rides to places, and so on.


Demands worship off of everybody, and individuals can worship to the extreme, being granted the power to be given direct hints through the adventure in answer to their next problem once per day, but they will never know if the DM is lying or telling the truth,the DM can sometimes be a dick

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