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Symbol: A greatsword or a Silver Dragon
Home Plane: Positive Plane
Alignment: Lawful Good
Portfolio: Honor, Courage, Good, The quest against evil
Clergy Alignments: Lawful Good-Chaotic Good
Domains: Good Domain, Protection Domain
Favored Weapon: +5 Greatsword
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The Paladin, the Wizard, and The Ranger cut down the forces of evil as they come. Though the bodies of the slain pile around them, they are soon fighting back to back. When all seems lost, The Paladin cries out, "Oh, Adamor! Protector of the Godly, The Good, and the Courageous. Protect us in our hour of need! " Suddenly, a glowing being floats out of a portal of white energy. The orcs watch in horror as their fellow goblins are cut into pieces from an enchanted greatsword and their black blood spills out on the ground until they loose courage and flee. Adamor has won another victory for the side of good.

Adamor is a Deity of good, honor, courage and the battle against evil. Nothing else. He looks like a tall, strong man with a suit of plate armor and his greatsword in his right hand. He radiates light wherever he goes which is painful to all who are evil aligned. He is a very personal god and will interact with mortals and help them on their journeys if they are good. If they are bad aligned, he will pour his wrath upon them.


Adamor encourages his followers to adhere to the path of good. He does not wish worshippers to worship him in himself. Rather, he wants them to focus in battling evil and keeping their morals straight.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Adamor has only one temple. This temple is made of a white marble and tended by a small group of priests. They don't obsess with worshiping him since their main goal is to keep him from being forgotten.

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