Deus Ex Machina (3.5e Deity)

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Symbol: A Bronze Cog on top of an open book
Home Plane: A realm Existing outside Destiny
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Destiny. Fate. The Story of Existence. The Chronicling of all things. Progress. Machines. Technology. Magic.
Clergy Alignments: None
Domains: Knowledge. Creation. Balance. Artifice. Luck.
Favored Weapon: Blacksmith Hammer
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Followers of the Deus Ex Machina (Translated as "the God From the Machine") are tasked with advancing the Story of existence and of the progression of their fellow man. Their doctrine is based around five core rules that are left to the interpretation of the followers. They are as follows:

1) Progress is first and foremost in my eye, those who sacrifice in the name of Progress will gain my favor.

2) Those who shun Progress and forsake the Arcane and Technological Arts are Naught but beast and should be seen as such.

3) Knowledge and the spread of it are the greatest step in progress, learn all thou can and teach all who will Learn.

4) While Learning from others is necessary for progress, one must also learn by doing, innovation in my name is rewarded with understanding.

5) Those who are willing to learn are the life blood of progress, save all who seek progress from harm if they can be saved.

The followers of the Deus are called forth to advance the story of civilization, to turn the pages of time, so that the Deus may continue to chronicle existence. This is told through the battle cry: "To advance the plot!"

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Due to the nature of the worship of the Deus, temples associated are rare, the Deus encourages its followers to step into the world and take part in the events that shape the world, often worshipers of the Deus will find themselves actively seeking adventure. Clerics are expected to keep with their vestments a ceremonial quill, representing The Deus as the Chronicler of fate, and a hammer, representing the Orgin of the Deus, and its emergence from the Machine



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