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Symbol: An empty disk
Home Plane: Astral Sea
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: Balance, Death, Void
Clergy Alignments: Any Neutral
Domains: Balance, Death, Oracle, Renewal
Favored Weapon: Sickle

Nihlus was one of the first beings in existence and he is the master of the Void. He is gap between past & future, life & death, law & chaos. He himself disappeared for many years during the first era but eventually returned. He has very few followers, with exception to the Hands of Nihlus.

He constantly tries to create balance in all things, including Good & Evil, and time.


He tells his worshipers to teach the ways of balance. He tells them fix any inbalance in the world any way they can. His Hands Of Nihlus function as assassins who use extreme methods to return balance.


An Aasimar of Nihlus has Dark Black skin and Pure white eyes. They normally are completely symmetrical physically.

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