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Symbol: A d20
Home Plane: Home Plane Unknown
Alignment: Every alignment
Portfolio: Role-Playing Games
Clergy Alignments: All
Domains: All (limited by region)
Favored Weapon: All (specific to each region/race)
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More information...

The very top of the DarthPantheon pantheon. He can change the laws of physics at will. It is even rumored by some babbling sages that all other deities in the pantheon may be fractions of the DM's own power, though such "heretics" are usually killed in gruesome manners (or just hanged) by followers of other faiths that disagree (which is 99.99% of the common population).


Killing small, pathetic dungeon creatures, tributing food and drink, and paying attention to the vague hints of tavern discussions are all required of the DM's followers.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The DM has no real temples to speak of. Instead, followers of the DM are usually lone PCs or important NPCs. This is due to the fact that the DM is virtually unheard of, which is just the way the DM likes it. Of coarse, every PC has at least heard the name before... now why could that be?


The DM is the very top of the DarthPantheon pantheon, used in the DarthCampaign campaign (not created yet). The truth behind the rumors is that the other deities in the pantheon, as well as every NPC, is basically just an extension of the DM, given some semblance of free will (subject to change with no notice). The DM calls no plane home because the DM IS the cosmology.

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