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Symbol: A black abyss that drains the light and hope of even the most positive outlook on life.
Home Plane: Plane of Torture
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Skorm oversees all Evil, Chaos, Magic, and War domains
Clergy Alignments: Must be Chaotic Evil/Neutral (if Neutral must be closer to Evil)
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Magic, War
Favored Weapon: Colossal Composite Longbow
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More information...

Skorm appears as a cloaked figure that generally is found in a grave of a ruined chapel of a good god. He has an aura of pure evil and is easily angered by many things like disrespect of his status and power over all. He actually looks like a Human Barbarian with no hair and horns jetting out of his forehead and wings coming out of his back. He, however, will fight fairly if he is challenged to it. His description of "fair" is to use any means to kill the your opponent.


His followers have grueling initiation process that causes many to quit. if not die. The few that do survive are forever scarred to the point where many would call them insane. They would encourage using any brutal tactic possible and would rather kick the man on the floor than laugh at him. They discourage honor and valor and a fair fight. They have a strict code of silence and will kill any who talk of their doings if they find out. Many seemingly innocent villagers may very well be followers of Skorm, the only way to know is to see them fight or to see their body because they usually wear full body clothing.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Skorms temples have been known to be in dark forests. He counts more Barbarians, Blackguards, Fighters, and Sorcerers than Clerics among his followers. He is happiest when a good aligned person is corrupted by the fruits of evil and they come to join him. He has very powerful followers. Many of them are Mayors, Dukes and even a few Kings amongst his followers.

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