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Symbol: A black spiral encompassed by eight black arrows pointing inwards.
Home Plane: Nephrim, on the Isle of Cantas
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: The Void, Emptiness, Darkness, Finality
Clergy Alignments: Any Neutral
Domains: Creation, Darkness, Destruction, Knowledge
Favored Weapon: Dagger
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"No matter how bright the sun, no matter how dark the moon. No matter the strength of a land's heroes or the wisdom of its kings. In the end, just as in the beginning, there will be only nothing."

-Athaegeon Bladewing, speaking to Amari Yeos atop the Black Mountain.

"He Who Always Was, Shall Be, and Ever Will Be." Drakusatheon was the first of all the gods to appear in the twisting nether of Nephrim. A strange amalgamation of faces cloaked in a shroud of everlasting shadows, floating in the emptiness above the Isle of Cantus. It is he who gave birth to the other gods, and he who will one day see they fall into the darkness from whence they came once again. It is said that his first children were faces that he plucked from his body and cast into the depths of Nephrim, where they gained shape and consciousness. These children were Alastora the All-Mother and Athaegeon the Destroyer. They became a trinity that saw to the creation and balance of all other realms that would soon dot the bleak landscape of The Void.

Unlike some other gods, Drakusatheon is known in all realms. When a god wishes to create a new realm within Nephrim, they must seek out Drakusatheon and make him an offering. If he accepts this offering, then they are given a space of the plane to use to create a realm of their own. As an additional condition, they must teach their people of the Great Nothing and be sure that his name is known. If they do not, then he will cast that realm, and the god who created it, into the eternal emptiness of oblivion.

Though more of a son, Drakusatheon regards Athaegeon more as a brother, and refers to him as such. It is Athaegeon who Drakusatheon told the time of The End to, and it is Athaegeon who will bring about The End when that time comes, thus sending all things back into The Nothing. No other god or man knows the exact time, and Athaegeon speaks not of it.


Drakusatheon encourages his follows not to fear the dark, but to embrace it and allow it to empower them. He teaches that the darkness is his ultimate gift to mortal kind, and is the most potent power in creation. He encourages secrecy and tact, and discourages rash action and impulse.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

There are very few temples of Drakusatheon, typically only one or two in any given realm and typically underground. He does not require the construction of temples, only the presence of absolute darkness. Candles in the Temples of Drakusatheon give off a strange shadow that, rather than illuminating the area, make all those within distinctly aware of all others around them.

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