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Symbol: A white fire burning within a halo
Home Plane: The plane of Life
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Nature, The Living, Creative arts, Healing, Restoration
Clergy Alignments: Followers must be chaotic, neutral or lawful good, or True Neutral
Domains: Healing, Good, Knowledge, Protection
Favored Weapon: Greatsword
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Arbos is the patron of all healers and ruler of the plain of life. Described as being a Hermaphrodite, Arbos has no preference in gender or race where his followers are concerned or where his dominion is defined. Arbos is the lord of life in all its forms, from the smallest bacterium to the largest elemental; its sole opposite is Death.


Clerics, obviously, favor Arbos the heaviest; however its martial-oriented followers also involve monks, spellswords and paladins. Arbos will reject no living being that wishes to serve it or spread the word of hope and restoration; however as a deity of life and energy it rejects all undead and / or evil creatures out of hand, even if their alignment is the same or similar to its own.

Arbos speaks through thought, word and deed; it is not limited by language and encourages versatility in all its servants. Those who are chosen by Arbos and serve long enough quite commonly recieve the Blessing of Ascension; gaining wings, becoming half-celestials or garnering the aid and companionship even of Angels.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The temples of Arbos range from the grandiose majesty of the City-Island of Xantheum - seat of its worship - to the most humble setting of a scented candle. The act of breathing itself is considered a devotion to Arbos and any healing attempted in its name is considered sanctified. Arbos' most powerful servants and followers can call upon the essence of the god to Intensify their healing powers with absolutely no penalty to themselves.

Arbos' clergy primarily consists of evangelists and monks at the lower level, but rise to encompass even warpriests and Solars at the upper echelons.


Arbos is considered part of no established pantheon; although its opposite is Death, it stands alone and part of all others at once.

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