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The One, The Nothing[edit]

Symbol: Open book entwined with infinity symbol
Home Plane: Unknown
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Life, death, law, chaos, good, evil, fate, knowledge and, magic
Clergy Alignments: Any
Domains: All
Favored Weapon: Bastard sword
book from the National Library of Sweden

Eons before the multiverse existed, before the time of the deities there was nothing. AM simply thought himself into existence. He next created a swirling randomness of chaos which later became known as the multiverse. Alone in this darkness, AM lived for an eternity until, he brought forth order to chaos. In this newly aligned multiverse, AM also brought forth beings which would become the ruling deities. With this new creation the concepts of good and evil were born and, to keep track of his new beings, AM invented time. To help keep the deities in control, death or, nonexistence, was also brought forth.

For countless eons the multiverse existed like that. Am had also given the deities free will to shape the multiverse as they saw fit. Soon a countless number of species were brought into being. AM interacts very little with his creation anymore, he prefers to let the deities rule as they see fit. It is because of this that AM has very few followers outside of the deities. Most beings aren't even aware he exists. At any given time, AM has fewer than five mortal worshipers.

When he does appear to others, Am looks like a human male about 18 feet tall with raven black hair and, goatee. His eyes are pools of black that seem to pull all light into them. He is sometimes clad in simple robes carrying a dusty old book with infinite pages. Other times he is clad in silver chain mail that seems to glow with a faint bluish aura and, a deep blue cape that constantly swirls as if caught in a perpetual wind.


AM prefers to let things follow their natural course. He sees all things from the perspective of infinite time. He strives to keep the powers of the multiverse in balance. When AM does get involved in things, he cannot help but show he lords over everything. He wields his powers as he sees fit, proving himself outside the scope of the neutrality of the multiverse. He considers himself as far beyond the gods as they are beyond mortals.

When AM does appear he is often cruel and selfish and, never appears without demanding a sacrifice of one kind or another from those who summon him, For those who find his favor, he is a powerful ally. AM expects perfection from his followers in all things. Powers, both intellectual and physical, are considered top priorities in his worshipers.

Cleric alignments:

Lawful neutral, neutral good, neutral, chaotic neutral, neutral evil Domains: Life, death, law, chaos, good, evil, fate, knowledge and, magic

Favored weapon:

Bastard sword


Because AM has so few mortal followers, he has no temples. Instead, he considers the whole world his alter. His clerics pray for their spells at dawn each morning.

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