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Symbol: An Humanoid Skull
Home Plane: The Waste
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: Evil, Knowledge, Magic
Clergy Alignments: Any
Domains: Deathbound, Evil, Knowledge, Magic, Mind, Trickery, Suffering
Favored Weapon: None

Jaccob was orginally Jaccian, Divine of Perfection, then when his father killed him he rose as two beings Dylian & Jaccob. He is the god of Evil and the Mind and the father to the Divines of Magic and the Mistress of Night.


He sends his followers out to corrupt the world to the side of evil to give himself more souls in his afterlife. He then uses these souls to fuel himself and make himself stronger. He tells his followers that those which "Collect" the most souls shall be rewarded greatly in the afterlife, and lets them "collect" in any way they please.


An Aasimar of Jaccob has pale white skin and a thin body, which normally looks anorexic.

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