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Symbol: Skull with moth wings
Home Plane: The Darktower
Alignment: Chaotic neutral, leaning towards good
Portfolio: Darkness, Invisibility, Nocturnality
Clergy Alignments: Any non-lawful
Domains: Darkness
Favored Weapon: Daggers, Scimitars, One handed axes
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One of the thirteen original elemental Deities of the Delenphian Universe, Kynthé is the Delenphian goddess of darkness. Her demons are all Chaotic Good as opposed to the god of lights angels who are all lawful evil. Of her Descendants the most notable is Cade the chosen who possesses power over all thirteen elements. She has only ever appeared as a drow and a black smoke pours from her being. Being a Delenphian deity, she is able to walk upon the world with the guise of a mortal and not adversely affect the world. Wherever she goes darkness fills the surrounding room or a 100 ft. diameter sphere of darkness surrounds her, whichever is smaller. She has the ability to induce fear, nightmares, hallucinations, invisibility, and darkness that is visually impenetrable even with darkvision.


She encourages the embrace of Darkness and demons and hates all light and Angels as they are evil in her dimension/plane. She discourages evil but does not ban it. Lawfulness is not acceptable and lawful followers will be ignored.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Kynthé’s followers built their temples in caves and made them from bricks of obsidian. The temples are laid with towers and walls surrounding the buildings with a large open area at the center. Her clergy misunderstands her saying “Cloak yourself in none but shadow” and so most run around stark nude. The races that follow Kynthé are Drow, Orcs, Dwarves, underground civilizations, and of course the Delenphians.


Kynthé is one of the thirteen Delenphian deities. She is one of the original and most powerful deities because Darkness is inside everything and exists over abundantly in space.

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