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Elemental Plane of Chaos[edit]

In the world of Nibiru law and order are a little more than alignments, they have manifested as elemental forces. In much the same way that the Positive Energy Plane and Negative Energy Planes are indirectly associated with Good and Evil, likewise the Elemental Plane of Chaos and it's counterpart, the Elemental Plane of Order, are associated with Chaos and Law without actually being aligned in nature.

The Elemental Plane of Chaos is just as inhospitable as any Inner Plane, perhaps even more so. It almost resembles Limbo, as the world churns and boils, creating and destroying itself like bubbles in a lava lamp. Even time falls victim to the boiling world, and victims find themselves thrust in strange times robbed of their youth and location. Those who step onto the plane beware, for you will eventually dissolve into the chaotic maelstrom of the plane.

Plane Traits[edit]

Physical Traits[edit]

  • Gravity: Objective gravity. The location of 'down' varies greatly and often changes even when you stand still.
  • Time: Erratic time. Every day or every 2 miles traveled in the plane, re-roll at which speed time is flowing relative to the material plane.
  • Size: Infinite.
  • Morphic: Highly Morphic. The plane is so chaotic no mortal mind has been able to stabilize it for very long short of strange planar magics. Every minute, it generally undergoes one dramatic change in a 2 mile area from one terrain to the next.

Magic, Alignment, and Energy/Elemental Traits[edit]

  • Elemental Dominance: Chaos.
  • Energy Dominance: None.
  • Alignment Trait: Chaos.
  • Magic Trait: Wild Magic: Spells and spell-like abilities function in wildly different and sometimes dangerous ways on planes with the wild magic trait. Any spell or spell-like ability used on a wild magic plane has a chance to go awry. The caster must make a level check (DC 15 + 2d20) for the spell to function normally. For spelllike abilities, use the caster level for the ability to determine the DC and the level or HD of the creature for making the level check. Failure means something strange happens. In addition, Chaos Elementals are not effected by this, there is a +8 to the DC check for any lawfully aligned spells, and a -4 to the DC for Chaotically aligned spells.

Plane Links[edit]

The plane is linked to the Astral Plane and the Scar Plane.

Plane Inhabitants[edit]

Chaos Elementals live here, warping around the environment in a mad dance. Those who run into one may end up fighting one, though it is unsure if it attacks in anger, madness, or to have something to do.

Movement and Combat[edit]

Gravity is strange on this plane. It is completely random and at the digression of the DM. Although it is said that Chaos Elementals have total control over the gravity and the Effects of Dissolution on this plane.

Upon entering the plane you must succeed on a Will save (DC 15 + your level), or undergo the wild effects of Dissolution. Every hour you spend on the plane increases this save by +5. Those who fail are subjected to the plane's traits unless you are truly lucky enough to gain immunity. In addition, for every effect which occurs to you from Dissolution add +3 to the next Dissolution check. If you become immune by luck, your immunity lasts until you spend a month outside the plane, to which it returns to normal.

Features of the Plane[edit]

The landscape never stops moving. When in transition it seems like everything is liquid, and it visibly boils, including the people on the plane when they come down with Dissolution. The environments range from familiar to alien. A forest turns into a desert, then becomes an ocean which is filled with acid causing fog to blow in and leave dust that spawns strange crystal fields, and more. You can never tell what comes next. You may use the table below, Plane Environments, to judge what you may receive from the plane at any time.

While the plane is very similar to Limbo, it is different in that Limbo has random creation and destruction with no known pattern. The Plane of Chaos, meanwhile, simply has entropy sped up to the Nth degree. Birth and death occur in an instant and strange phenomena are commonplace. A careful observation of the plane (a DC 30 Wis check) reveals cause and effect to still be in play, if very unpredictable and twisted. A person who makes this check is able to predict the next major terrain change.

Plane Links[edit]

The Astral Plane links to the Plane of Chaos as per all normal Elemental Planes. Sometimes it brushes against the other Inner Planes, forming quasi-elemental planes of odd natures, like extremely explosive popping fire or random strength disintegrating negative energy spots.

Plane Encounters[edit]

Chaos Elementals dance across their world in fits of madness and confusion. They seem to have little mind of their own but they have been seen to mobilize and converge on things which offend their nature, such as victims caught in a Temporal Stasis (to which they would do what they could to free it or eject it), or by those standing still for too long.

Alternate Variances[edit]

There may be safe zones scattered about the world where the Plane of Chaos brushes against other, normal time planes. These safe zones are still possessing the changing terrain effect but do not cause Dissolution in victims, or Haste.


Table: Plane Environments
Roll a d12 Environment
1 Open Plains
2 Mountain Terrain
3 Deep Ocean
4 Shallow Pond or River
5 Underground Caves
6 Burning Desert
7 Freezing Snowfields
8 Burning Wildfire
9 Urban City
10 Roll again for terrain, Ethereal Plane version
11 Roll again for terrain, Shadow Plane version
12 Roll again for terrain, powerful stormy weather
Table: Dissolution
Roll 2d20 Effect on a failed Will save
2-3 Immune to any further effects.
4 Heal 5d6 damage.
5 Heal 3d6 damage.
6 Heal 1d6 damage.
7 Next action that effects subject is negated.
8 Personal lighting changes. Subject changes colors strangely.
9 Fort Save vs Deafen for 1 minute DC 15.
10 Fort Save vs Blind for 1 minute DC 15.
11 Fort Save vs poison for 1 minute DC 15.
12 Hair falls out and regrows in a new color over the course of 3 rounds.
13 Subject vanishes for 5 rounds as they catapult into the future.
14 Subject gains a dazed, puzzled duplicate of themselves, and next round they vanish, catapulted back 1 round.
15 Subject may attempt a skill check untrained as if they had half a rank in them. Lasts for 1 minute or until used.
16 Subject swells painfully for 1 round. Unable to take any actions, but not helpless.
17 Roll a d20. Subject healed for that much.
18 Roll a d20. Subject harmed for that much.
19 Subject must make a DC 19 Fort save or Drown.
20 Roll twice on the chart.
21-23 No effect at all.
24 Subject teleported in a random direction, 10 feet.
25 Subject teleported in a random direction, 100 feet.
26 Subject teleported in a random direction, 1000 feet.
27 Random encounter with hostile creatures who spontaneously form, any plane's creatures possible.
28 Sudden Antimagic Field for 1 round.
29 All magic items suppressed for 1d4 rounds.
30 Unstable terrain, DC 30 Reflex save or fall prone.
31 You are abruptly subject to a Plane Shift spell as a gate springs up, random destination.
32 Blood boils, take 10d6 fire damage and DC 20 Fort save vs fatigue.
33 Skin freezes, take 10d6 cold damage and DC 20 Fort save vs damaged skin for -2 AC for 1 minute.
34 Subject expends all spells as if they just cast them, and gains temporary hp equal to the number of spells lost.
35 Subject sees things super quick, resulting in sensory overload. Act as if Confused for 1 minute, no save.
36 You dissolve into the plane if you fail a DC 10 Fort save, on a success you take 1d6+10 damage.
37 You dissolve into the plane if you fail a DC 20 Fort save, on a success you take 3d6+20 damage.
38 You dissolve into the plane if you fail a DC 30 Fort save, on a success you take 5d6+30 damage.
39 Take 3d6 damage from spacial tearing, DC 20 Fort save negates.
40 You dissolve into the plane, no save. Your body is lost and you die.
Table: Wild Magic
Roll d100 Effect on a failed Level Check
01-19 Spell rebounds on caster with normal effect. If the spell cannot affect the caster, it simply falls.
20-23 A circular pit 15 feet wide opens under the caster's feet; it is 10 feet deep per level of the caster.
24-27 The spell fails, but the target or targets of the spell are pelted with a rain of small objects (anything from flowers to rotten fruit), which disappear upon striking. The barrage continues for 1 round. During this time the targets are blinded and must make Concentration checks (DC 15 + spell level) to cast spells.
28-31 The spell affects a random target or area. The DM should randomly choose a different target from among those in range of the spell or center the spell at a random place within range of the spell. To generate direction randomly, roll 1d8 and count around the compass, starting with north. To generate range randomly, roll 3d6. Multiply the result by 5 feet for close range spells, 20 feet for medium range spells, or 80 feet for long range spells.
32-35 The spell functions normally, but any material components are not consumed. The spell is not expended from the caster's mind (a spell slot or prepared spell can be used again). An item does not lose charges, and the effect does not count against an item's or spell like ability's use limit.
36-39 The spell does not function. Instead, everyone (friend or foe) within 30 feet of the caster receives the effect of a heal spell.
40-43 The spell does not function. Instead, a deeper darkness and a silence effect cover a 30-foot radius around the caster for 2d4 rounds.
44-47 The spell does not function. Instead, a reverse gravity effect covers a 30-foot radius around the caster for 10 rounds.
48-51 The spell functions, but shimmering colors swirl around the caster for 1d4 rounds. Consider this a glitterdust effect with no save.
52-59 Nothing happens. The spell does not function. Any material components are used up. The spell or spell slot is used up, and charges or uses from an item are used up.
60-71 Nothing happens. The spell does not function. Any material components are not consumed. The spell is not expended from the caster's mind (a spell slot or prepared spell can be used again). An item does not lose charges, and the effect does not count against an item's or spell like ability's use limit.
72-98 The spell functions normally. The Caster's body is now bright neon color(no save). Has a -4 to any skill involving hiding for the next 10d10 rounds.
99/100 The spell functions strongly. Saving throws against the spell suffer a –2 penalty. The spell has the maximum possible effect, as if it were cast with the Maximize Spell feat. If the spell is already maximized with the feat, there is no further effect.

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