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Symbol: Sideways 3, or a "moustache"
Home Plane: Realm of Gods
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: Darkness, Destruction
Clergy Alignments: Any evil
Domains: Evil, Darkness, Destruction
Favored Weapon: Staff (presumed)
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Zamorak is the god of evil in Gielinor. He is diametrically opposed to the god of good, Saradomin. Once a powerful Mahjarrat, Zamorak defeated the ancient god Zaros to earn his own godhood. Thousands of years later, Zamorak remains as one of the three prime deities, with Guthix and Saradomin being the other two.

Thousands of years ago, Zaros was god of the largest empire ever in existence. He was posed to be truly immortal by the end of the Second Age. A fateful encounter between Zaros and General Zamorak would change this, however, and destroy the Empty Lord. With a major vacuum of power now open, Zamorak became a god himself, fashioning himself to be the master of evil. This would put him at odds with his former comrade Saradomin, causing the God Wars. While the wars eventualy ended, the rivalry of the gods has existed ever since.


Most civilizations have shunned Zamorakians due to their devotion. To this end, Zamorak encourages his followers to cause chaos on Saradominists fittingly. Many followers are chaotic evil cults, but Zamorak himself is more neutral due to his direct opposition to pure good. All followers of Zamorak are taught to oppose good at any cost.

Zamorakians are generally distrustful of outsiders due to their own obsession with evil. Also, devotees are especially determined to gain power over good forces. This leads to many fallacious rituals, such as blood pacts (usually), in a desperate attempt to become more powerful.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Places of worship for Zamorak are usually rater simple due to their location outside of large settlements. Few altars are kept in churches or monasteries that mirror those of Saradomin. Hidden locations between kingdoms are favorite areas of Zamorakian worship.

While most humans follow Saradomin, there is still a sizeable portion dedicated to Zamorak. The most notable human organizations include the Dagon'hai and the Kinshra, or Black Knights. Demons, werewolves, and vampires (not the vampyre nobility, usually) are also followers of Zamorak, and extraplanar creatures such as Goraks and Dark Beasts have been known to serve at some point. The most powerful followers are the Mahjarrat, the race to which Zamorak once belonged. A few Mahjarrat remain loyal to Zaros, but most followed Zamorak after his successes.

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