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Symbol: A book with a Star on the cover
Home Plane: Library of the Stars
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: As the Creator and Keeper, Elkinzel has all portfolios
Clergy Alignments: Elkinzel's worshippers can be of any alignment
Domains: Just as the portfolios, Elkinzel has access to all domains
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff
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Elkinzel is also known as the keeper of the stars. He generally appears as a human male in his early fifties with black hair, graying at the temples. He wears generally unadorned robes and carries a quarterstaff with the Runes of Knowledge on it.


As his power is not based upon the number or power of followers, Elkinzel cares little about his followers beliefs or practices. The only restriction he places on them, is that they cannot pursue any actions that jeopardize creation (i.e. planar destruction).

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Elkinzel is a very secretive Deity, and as such, few others, (including most other deities) know he even exists. There is only one known temple to Elkinzel, and that is in the city of Exillus, where he is revered as The Watcher. His clergy have access to any domains (though as clerics, they can still only pick 2), however spells that speak directly to Elkinzel (i.e. commune) don't work.


Elkinzel rarely meddles in the affairs of the pantheons, seeing their movements and scheming more as childrens games. Recently, however, the pantheons did anger him, and he cast them all down to demigod status.

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