The Undying, All Encompassing Force (3.5e Deity)

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The Undying, All Encompassing Force[edit]

Symbol: Spiral Galaxy
Home Plane: All plains
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: Chosen few
Clergy Alignments: LG, LE, CE
Domains: All
Favored Weapon: Longsword of Energy
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The Force, as it is known by most, is undying, and all encompassing. Some of its followers see it as a guiding force to which the must submit themselves, while others believe that it is something to be harnessed and made to serve their needs and goals... then there are those who see it as a mixture of the two.


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Clergy and Temples[edit]

Acolytes of the Undying, All Encompassing Force fall into two categories.

The monks of Coruscant are traditionally Lawful-Good. Clergy at the Temple there is required to be Lawful, although the Elder Council does accept members that are not strictly Good.

A splinter group, that represents the chaos that the universe is founded upon, favors more heavily the Chaotic-Evil path; they are far more strict about alignment adherence, wanting no less than wanton destruction.

Some followers of the Undying, All Encompassing Force, however, do not subject themselves to any organization. In this respect, they can find themselves in any situation, and for all intents and purposes may represent any alignment.

Longsword of Energy[edit]

Followers of the Undying, All Encompassing Force traditionally use a Longsword of Energy, a Dual Longsword of Energy or two Longswords of Energy to defend themselves.

However, while the is the favored "weapon" of the Undying, All Encompassing Force, it is not their primary means of defense. Followers find themselves able to harness the power of the Force, using its omnipresence and omnipotence to warp reality in their favor.

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