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Over Deity

God of Dragons and lord of gods. "What creature in all of time has been more majestic or more powerful than he." - The Exile

Symbol A Seven Pointed Star with a central rising spoke around which a Platinum Dragon with out stretched wings rests.

Plane All of Existence

Alignment Neutral

Portfolio Io remembers all things as they were and will be, he is the God of all Dragon kind and exists outside the concept of time where he has and will remain. So powerful is he that other gods would not challenge him without good reason, Io is surpassed by no other deity, but a single bite Io is able to destroy any gods. Formidable though he is, Io doesn't consider other deities as threats, in the same way that no deity would be foolish enough to challenge him.

Clergy Alignment LG NG CG LN N CN LE NE CE (Io is the embodiment of all dragons and contains all alignments)

Domains Magic, Time, Dragons, Creation

Favorite Weapon Claw & Wing


Io's True form is an over sized Multi-colored metallic dragon. He encompasses all creation and thus takes the form most befitting to those that encounter him. It is said that the largest dragons that ever lived is even smaller than one of Io scales, which radiate prisms of alternating light.


Io, having given birth to the race of supreme beasts, provided also the entities of magic to the world. He has little concern for the dealings of mortal men and will only concern himself with humankind for the betterment of Dragon Society as a whole.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Io is known to very few Dragons and even fewer humans thus making worship to him very mysterious. Creatures with immortality or exceptionally long lives with intelligence and wisdom to match turn to Io.

A faction of warriors known as the Concordant Knights police the cosmos on the behalf of Io and his prophetic teachings. They serve as a control that acts in power outside even the council of great dragons. Keeping them all in check and their power, or the extreme power of others in check. Even the powers of the gods. They work closely with the faction of worldly heroes known only as the Silver Cloaks.

In addition a priesthood known as the Singers of Concordance also spread Io's will. Almost all members of this group are descendant of dragon or at least dragons blood. Once they served Io directly before his time as began as creator of all things. Now they monitor and balance the influence of dragonkind. They are more than just simple preachers and healers though. They have been entrusted with guarding the spheres of concordance that he created. Demiplanes only reachable by those favored by Io's kind or of direct bloodline. They also protect the sacred temple known only in legend as the Shrine of Io. A cathedral housing the mortal remains of Io before his ascention, and the remains of his sundered godly form after his battle with Erek-Has. Each of the priesthood adorns a medallion of Io. Each medallion offers up a fragment of Io's godly power. In the realm there is only known of 13 of these devices.

Other topics are the created items of the clergy and those of importance gathered by their factions. The first is the Eye of Creation. A fragment of power known as the left eye of Io. Contained in an orb it encompasses the power to create or recreate anything. The second is the Eye of Destruction. Again a fragment of power known as the right eye of Io. Contained in an orb it encompasses the power to unmake anything. The third items is the prismatic cloak. An item crafted from the salvaged scales that shattered from Io's form at the hand of Erek-Has. The fourth item is known as Soulmender. A dagger of dragonic glass created from a fragment of Io's dragon shard. It has the power to reconnect a soul to ones body. The fifth item is actually a collection of 13 items. Arrows, known only as the arrows of fate. Each are tipped with a single scale of Io's hide. The sixth item is known as the elixer of immortality. A single vial of collected blood from Io on his fateful day. Legend has it a single drop grants immortality. The seventh item is known as Draconic prophecies. A collection of parchments and scribings on many different median (even living host in the form of dragon marks) that represents the plans for all of creation, and its undoing. the eighth item is known as Dragonsbane. A kingly greatsword forged from a single claw of Io. It is a draconic bane and slaying weapon. Currently in the guardianship of Lendys. Known now as the sword of fate. the ninth item is known as orbs of creation. A collection of orbs of power that Io used to create the realms that govern the powers of creation. Elemental, primal, primordial, chaotic, etc. all used to create worlds. the tenth item is known as the symbol of concordance. A great item crafted from the hands of the god Moradin in gift to Io. It is a magical shield that can block a great many things. the eleventh item is known as the scales of power. A divine engine that both tracks and balances the power between good and evil. the twelfth item is known as the realms of power. Also known as the divine realms. A series of planes of upper level beings to house the powers of both divinity and immortality. the thirteenth item is actually a collection of 13 unique souls crafted on Moradins anvil. Known to legend only as the Protectors. A contingency set up by Io should he fall for these unique souls to house a fragment of Io's power, keeping it from his children and those that may wish to unsurp him. Their unique souls can be in any form. They are the only beings who can directly effect/affect the scales of power and wield any of the previous 12 items. They will replace the gods.

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