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Symbol: An Eye
Home Plane: Plane Of Eternal Blood
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Existence, Things of the Past, Things of the Present, Things of the Future
Clergy Alignments: Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Evil
Domains: N/A
Favored Weapon: Natural Weapons

Primus is the God of the all that is, has been, and will be. He is the combination of all existence. It is said that he was imprisioned for all eternty inside a Plane Of his own blood. He is now trully insane and believes himself the Paragon of Existence.


An Aasimar of Primus is very chaotic in appearance, their skin colour is normally that of a rainbow and their arms and legs are slightly different sizes to the other set.


He tells his worshippers to destroy the creations of the Divines which betrayed him. He also wants his followers to summon the primordial forces to find and destroy Primus's Prision.


Primus had Kithu as his mate and with her he had three children. These children are Eos, Jaccian, Kephrana. Kithu has now left Primus because of his insanity, while his children hoped that he could recover but quickly grew to hate him after he killed Jaccian.

Strangely he also has family ties with mortals as the high priestess of the Cult of the Elder Eye has sworn herself to Primus and has been the only mortal to make contact with Primus, this lasted only a second though but it was long enough for him to imprint his essence on her and she is currently pregnate with Primus's child. She later gave birth to a mad Demi-God by the name of Zelot who swore to free his father from his prison by any means.

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