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Samael, Lord of Violence[edit]

Samael, Lord of Violence
Greater Deity
Symbol: Sword and Skull
Home Plane: Chaotic-Aligned Plane
Alignment: Neutral Chaotic
Portfolio: Conflict, Violence, War, Strife
Clergy Alignments: Any Chaotic
Domains: Chaos, Death, War
Favored Weapon: Heavy Mace

Samael represents violence with purpose. His is the violence of war, strife, conflict, and struggle. He represents war in all its most horrid aspects: disease, famine, brutality, and retaliation. His is the violence of need and desperation. He is that violence that tears down civilization. He is the the violence that tears nations apart, setting brother against brother. Yet, he is also the violence of those who rebel against their oppressors. He is the violence of those who seek to build something bigger, and feel that this goal is so important that they are willing to fight for it.

Samael is not an evil god, despite this bloodshed. If that were the case, all conflict would be evil.


There is no dogma to violence. The dogma of war is war itself. You do what you need to do to win, and those times are not reckoned in moral terms. Where two sides take arms, Samael comes. When something new is to be build, something old must be destroyed. Where one side is a victory, one must be the loser. Violence is a means to an end, and not an end in itself.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Few worship Samael from their own convictions. Most worship him from necessity. Cities build temples to Samael so that they are spared his coming. Despite worshipping Samael, his clergy are not bloodthirsty warriors. His clergy comes mostly from the ranks of mercenaries who hope to have strength for battle, and to be spared its worst ravages.

Note that while Samael himself wields a greatsword, his clerics wield maces, as the mace is a sign of authority.

Endhaven Setting[edit]

In the Endhaven setting, Samael is the patron of the Feral Nation (Endhaven Supplement). This nation of goblinoids seeks to make itself a world power and forever throw off the shackles of those who sought to enslave them. They are willing to wage whatever war or battle is necessary to win this status. They firmly understand that building the Feral Nation requires the destruction of other nations.

The priests of Samael are the officers of the Feral Nation. They consider it their holy duty to lead their nation to freedom and power. All members of the Feral Nation are willing to give their lives so that all goblinkind can stand as tough and proud as the other races.

Samael is a brother of Eth.

Samael is a member of the Feral Pantheon.

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