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Intermediate Deity
Symbol: Stylized Arrow
Home Plane: Elemental Plane of Air
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Air, Flight, Birds, Weather, Wind
Clergy Alignments: Any Chaotic
Domains: Air, Chaos, Liberation, Weather
Favored Weapon: Bow

Astreus is the reigning Elemental Lord of Air, and the last of the ancient elemental lords.


Above all things, air is enigmatic. Too much wind is the tempest that destroys, too little air the ship that flounders in the water. Air, both cold and hot, freeze and kill. Air carries rains, sometimes too little, and sometimes too much. Air feeds fire.

Astreus is a firm believer in free choice, even if that choice is not a good choice. Astreus believe in bold ventures and daring chance. He firmly believes in going to new places and meeting new things.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The temples to Astreus are located in high places. They are often small, or composed of many small buildings across many levels. The home of Astreus is in his temple on Astrea, the floating city. He found this city so beautiful that he takes it with him wherever he goes.


In Endhaven, Astreus carries and lives in the floating city of Astrea.

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