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The Order of the Last Days are a mendicant order dedicated to helping those who come to end their days on the Endhaven. This order is called "Silent Ones" among the populous of the worlds. It is they who worship Eth, the Librarian of the Dead. This order mostly exists in Endhaven. They also travel about, or open temples of Eth, which are hospices for the dying and funeral temples for the dead. They do their best to bring the dying to Endhaven, where they can be at peace to end their days.

Ideally, this is a silent order. They speak only as necessary, or to comfort their charges.

Although they began as a hospice order, their training gained them recognition as good healers. They now frequently act as nurses, midwives, and medicinal experts. They usually minister to the poor and the oppressed.

The most dedicated Silent Ones go to Endhaven to care for the dying there, hopefully to never return to the living world.


Little is known of this order. Scholars have found references to it clear back to the Time of Heroes.


  • Bury the dead.
  • Bury the undead.
  • Heal those who can be healed.
  • Comfort those who can not be healed.


This order believes that the undead must be put to rest. They wage a quiet and persistent campaign against those who defy Eth.

Headquarters and Locations[edit]

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • An order member engages you to clear undead from a tomb.
  • An order member must travel to a dangerous location and needs a bodyguard.

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