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Empire, Kingdoms, Nations, and Political Entities[edit]


These flying cities harvest rare materials from the planes of Air.

Blood Alliance[edit]

An alliance (more accurately, a non-aggression pact) of ambitious Kingdoms and Nations, each led by a charismatic dictator. They are Dusland, Oppland, and Rendland.
The Blood Alliance has no formal flag.

The Border League[edit]

The Border League is an alliance of small states positioned along the Wild.

The Far Plane Trading Company[edit]

The Far Plane Trading Company is a trading organization so strong that it can field armies as large as most nations.

The Feral Nation[edit]

This is an alliance of goblinoid tribes. The War of Law and Chaos turned transformed these goblins into a coherent and well organized power. Her holdings are based in the generative and wild planes.

Great Dwarven Union[edit]

The dwarven mines connect many dwarves cities together into a vast, single network of caverns, tunnels, and dangers. This assembly of dwarves is called the Great Dwarven Union. This functions both as a nation and a union. Their union arm in other nations is called Dwarven United.


There are a myriad of independent lands, countries, and nations who wish to stay independent.

The Mage's Cooperative[edit]

The Mage's Co-op organized to organize the professional magic world, to protect mages from political harm, and to restrict the availability of magical items.

The Malachite Empire[edit]

This is a traditional empire in every way. Their "god-emperor" is long-lived, competent, and ambitious. They arose from the ashes of the Dragon Empire. The Axiomites are a strong religious force in the Malachite Empire. Its holdings include many lawful and alchemic planes.


This is an undersea alliance in the Savage Seas.

Sambatu Dynasty[edit]

The aggressive and expansive dynasty controlling Rendland.

The Twelves Kingdoms[edit]

This is a defensive alliance. They prefer fighting among themselves, but will cooperate to keep outside powers out of their own affairs. They arose from the remains of the Griffon Empire. They are subject states to the Great Dwarven Union. They are allowed to live over dwarven lands in exchange for defending the dwarven lands and providing food.

Secret Societies[edit]

The Teachers[edit]

The Teachers are a group of benevolent entities dedicated to training heroes to defend the world against evil.

The Shadow Empire[edit]

The Shadow Empire is a small group of demi-liches who back villains. They are patient, quiet, and totally committed to the conquest of everything.

The Underworld[edit]

The underworld is not a society in itself, but a series of interacting secret societies that exist in the shadow of the civilized state. These groups include criminal gangs, assassins, the black market, traffickers, and other people of ill repute.

Religions, Sects, Beliefs, and Traditions[edit]

Alliance of the Sun[edit]

The Alliance acts as a humanitarian organization.

Ascetic Order of the Dragon[edit]

This group dwells in a former Dragon Imperial Palace. The order primarily trains students of good religious traditions. They host negotiations. They have an extensive religious library, including forbidden texts, dating back to the Age of Heroes.


The Axiomites are empire spanning religions seeking to bring order and law to every plane, and implementing religious law. They are less territorial than influential, seeking to integrate themselves into every possible government at every level. They seek to suppress and slow the return of chaotic forces to the civilized world.

Cults of the Elemental Lords[edit]

Cult of Astreus[edit]
Cult of Basilus[edit]
Cult of Dauphin[edit]
Cult of Plasm[edit]

Dwarven United[edit]

Dwarven United is the non-national arm of the Great Dwarven Union. This organization works for the benefit of dwarves in other nations without seeking to supplant the governments of those nations.

New Heroes[edit]

The New Hero movement emphasizes the cooperation of Law and Chaos to bring a better tomorrow for everyone.

Order of the Last Days[edit]

This mendicant order seeks to relieve the suffering of the dying and to lay the undead to rest.

Order of the Union[edit]

This cult is dedicated to uniting all planes.


Restorationists seeks to restore lands devastated by magic.


This is a dwarven cult dedicated to protecting dwarven craftsmen, and any other artisan they feel is unable to stand up for themselves.


Transgressor is a collective term for various chaotic sects.
Lime Burners[edit]
The Lime Burners are a Trangressor cult unique to the dwarves.

Territorial Orders[edit]

There are many regional orders in Endhaven. These orders are connected to planes, nations, states, or cities. Many will have heard of these orders, while many others will not. Most in these orders are proud of their service and voluntarily seek to uphold the goals of their order. The Astrean Knights who ride eagles, the Dragon Guard of the Palace of Eternity, and the Order of the Darkwood Forest each represent a territorial order.
Astrean Knights[edit]
These are the elite troops of the Astrean Flying Cities.
Dragon Guard[edit]
These are the defenders of the Palace of Eternity and the Dragon Emperor.
Jade Guard[edit]
These are the elite defenders of Charystos. They are loyal to the city.
Order of the Darkwood Forest[edit]
This order manages the Darkwood Forest. They are widely regarded as a terrorist organization.

Traditional Ways[edit]

Many people do not have a 'religion.' Instead, they live by traditional ways. They do as their fathers did. These hunter-gatherers are steeped in the wild. They worship the great animals that live in the deepest wilds. They seek to remain in harmony with these powerful beings, as they wish to continue living off the fauna of their land.

Past Organizations[edit]

The Wars of Law and Chaos[edit]

Many temporary and ill considered alliances were established. No over-arching institutions were created. See above for the modern organizations that were born during the tumultuous years.

The Psychotic Assembly[edit]

The Psychotic Assembly was a development group of powerful psi-Transgressors. They were eventually wiped out when their fellow Transgressors, considering them too dangerous to let live, slaughtered them to the man and burned their research. Some of their works survived, including the aboleth, the intellect devourers, and the dreaded thought slayer. Among their more accepted developments was the psychotic charger.

The Thule Era[edit]

Thule fought with his peers, eventually ruling all. He then abdicated, which split his empire and created three smaller empires.

The Mercenary Empires[edit]

After the War of Good and Evil, mercenary companies seized lands and kingdoms, raising their own empires.

The Thule Empire[edit]

General Thule defeated his enemies to create this empire. He abdicated, and his sons formed the Dragon, Phoenix, and Tiger empires from his holdings.

The Dragon Empire[edit]

From its ruins arose the Malachite Empire. Its holdings were primarily in the Alchemic realms.

The Phoenix Empire[edit]

The Phoenix Empire split from the Thule empire. Its holdings go deep into the Mythic. From its ruins arose the Blood Alliance.

The Griffon Empire[edit]

From its ruins arose the Twelve Kingdoms and the Border League. Its holdings were primarily in the the Wild.

The War of Good and Evil[edit]

The Golden Circle[edit]

The forces of Good during the wars of Good and Evil.

The Shadow Lance[edit]

The forces of Evil during the wars of Good and Evil.

The Age of Heroes[edit]

Empire of the Magi[edit]

Magi once ruled a vast empire from the the Glittering Vale.

The Elemental Wars[edit]

Armies of Air
Armies of Earth
Armies of Fire
Armies of Water

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