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Mildly Aberrant

Dusland is a marginal land, full of gravel and dust. The environment is hard here, ranging from roasting in the day to freezing at night. Dust storms are frequent. The natives here build in sheltered areas to protect themselves. Inhabited areas are located near hot springs. Dusland has used her wealth to conquer her more agrarian but poorer neighbors.

Dusland is a member of the Blood Alliance

Dusland was once home of the Psychotic Assembly.


Name: Dusland
Planar Size: Medium Plane
Influences: None
Ruling Organization: Independent
Government Type: Dictatorship
Other Organizations:
  • Dwarven United
Capital: Maninko
Languages: Common, Dwarf
Religion: Charystan, Elemental Lords
Patron Deity: Red Lady of War
Resources: Gold, Adamantine, Diamonds, Opals
Important Locations:
  • Mines
  • Psychotic Assembly


The Far Plane Trading Company helped the Psychotic Assembly to province break this province away from the Phoenix Empire. The Assembly successfully expanded its holding, pushing into the Charystan cluster and triggering the most recent War of Law and Chaos. The Assembly lost.

After the war, the Malachite Empire occupied this land. The Djalos turned to the Far Plane Trading Company for backing. They successfully pushed the Malachites from the land, taking the county for their own profit. The Djalos milk the land for money to pay the exorbitant interest imposed by the FPTC, while continuing conflict keeps them buying arms and weapons.

  • Dusland attempted to seize an Astrea. The Astreans no longer trade with them.
  • The miners have been rebelling, lead by the Dwarven Union.

Planar Information[edit]

Dusland is little better than dusty and gravel filled desert. Her towns are located at areas with natural hot springs.

The land is mineral rich, especially gems and adamantine. They have one of the few working adamantine mines in the Endhavens. The wastes of those mines drift across Oppland and into the Great Black Swamp.

Little lives in the wastes of Dusland. One is most likely to find small lizards, insects, and snakes.

Politics and People[edit]

Dusland boasts a large population of humans, dwarves, kobolds, and other small humanoids. Many came here as slaves during the Imperial era. They work in crowded, polluted tunnels. Tensions run high. Status goes to those who have worked their way up the mining system, and are hardened and tough.

Most of the population of Dusland are slaves, or slaves born to slaves. They have no rights. Some earn their way into being Supervisors, only to be as cruel and tyrannical as those that they once despised.

The order of Dusland is entirely determined by supervisors. Supervisors are God. One is entirely subject to the whim of one's superiors.

Most of Duland's armies consist of mercenaries paid from the country's considerable wealth. They attempted to seize an Astrean Floating City, but failed.

Dusland has many small possession who send food as tribute.

Large populations of Half-Giants live in this place.


This government is run like a business. The Djalos are only interested in how much they can make off their endeavors.


All races are stepped on equally in this country.

The Maenads were once plentiful in this region. They scattered after the defeat of the Psychotic Assembly. Many large communities still live here.


Duslanders generally worship the Charystan deities. The dwarves worship the Earth Elemental Lords.


Dusland has hostilities with the Astrea.

Major Landmarks[edit]

  • Many mines
  • Psychotic Assembly

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • Some sort of magical creature is down in the mines. Find it. Stop it.
  • Find the Duslander who created the plan to attack Astrea. Get that name to the Astreans.
  • Smuggle weapons to the Dwarven Union.
  • Stop the slave trade which sends slaves to Dusland.

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