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An alliance (more accurately, a non-aggression pact) of ambitious Kingdoms and Nations, each led by a charismatic dictator. Their cooperation has allowed each member of the Alliance to grow at a fast rate. They arose from the collapse of the Phoenix Empire. It is here that the forces of Chaos, those remaining from the War of Law and Chaos, still remain strongest. The rulers are firm adherence to the Transgressor sect. These nations have holdings in the Mythic realms.

The strongest members of this alliance are the Kingdoms of Oppland, Dusland, and Rendlend. Observers believe that a showdown between these powers will eventually come. Rifts between the powers are already showing.

Due to the activities of Dusland, Astrea no longer trades with the Blood Alliance. Each member of the alliance is exploring ways to gain the upper tactical hand on their neighbors. Each has begun to spy and sabotage their neighbors when prudent.

The Blood Alliance has no formal flag.


The Phoenix Empire disintegrated into numerous states during the Wars of Law and Chaos. The Far Plane Trading Company greatly helped this by arming provinces that sought to revolt. This gave the FPTC access to valuable trade goods available from those regions. From these states arose a cooperative of three countries each willing to not work against each other. They have effectively moved to divine the Phoenix Empire among themselves. At this point, each has conquered many small provinces. Within several decades, these countries will have conquered their neighbors, leaving the inevitable battle between each other. These countries know this, and even as they expand, they prepare for these certain future wars.


  • Avoid wasting resources by fighting other members of the alliance.
  • Conquer smaller neighbors.
  • Seize resources.
  • Prepare for the future war against each other.


The Astrea fought off an attack by Dusland. In response, they are boycotting the Blood Alliance. The Dwarven Union are boycotting the Blood Alliance. The alliance forces many dwarves to work in slavelike conditions. The Malachite Empire has been loosing small territories to these countries, leading to considerable border warfare. The Alliance seeks to conquer the Darkwood Forest.


See the entries for each alliance member.

Headquarters and Locations[edit]

The alliance members are:

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • One member of the Alliance hires you to spy and/or sabotage a different member of the alliance.
  • Outsiders need you to spy on the alliance.
  • Each country has a need for an enterprising band to go in and make money off their dirty work.
  • Each of these countries is flat-out evil and whatever you can do to overthrow them, the better.

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