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Mildly Chaotic, Mildly Aberrant

Rendland is a land of jagged crags broken by beautiful and fertile vallies. Earthquakes are frequent. Roads and paths frequently disappear. The land is ruled by the Sambatu Dynasty. The land is steeped in the philosophy of the Trangressors.


Name: Rendland
Planar Size: Large Plane
Influences: None
Ruling Organization: Sambatu Dynasty
Government Type: Dictatorship
Other Organizations:
  • Transgressors
Capital: Adrar
Languages: Common
Religion: Charystan, Transgressor
Patron Deity: Red Lady of War
Resources: Rice, Wine, Silk, Tin
Important Locations:
  • Adrar



Scholars believe that Rendland was the ancient "land of giants."


Rhakotis hired giants from this land during the War of Good and Evil.


Rendland was heavily colonized and devloped during the imperial age.


Rendland was a key supporter of Transgression during the Wars of Law and Chaos.

Rendland was formed from the disintegration of the Phoenix Empire. With the help of the Far Plane Trading Company, this provinces successfully militarized along with other provinces. In a generation, the Phoenix Empire, always volatile, finally fell to its own internal conflict.

  • The Astrean Flying Cities have recently broken all trading with the Blood Alliance.
  • Lawlessness abounds, with kidnappings and brigandage on the rise. The brigands are often the Khan's own troops.

Planar Information[edit]

The geography of Rendland is brutal. Most of this land is a wasteland of stone crags too difficult to farm or travel. Most people live in the fertile valleys instead, where the land is both misty and beautiful. Most of these valleys have terraced slopes so that the people can grow more crops. Most traffic moves along the navigable rivers.

This area is prone to earthquakes. The people worship many local Earth gods. Some believe that the land itself is the sleeping place of a great dragon which will wake at the end of time.

The farmlands of this region are rich with rice, bamboo, and grasses. Every possible acre of land is used for food. Those lands outside the valleys are rocky wastelands, where grasses and brambles cling to life.

Tough creatures, such as wild donkeys and wild goats dominate the landscape. ironspine dragons are well known in the region, along with giant vermin and many species of wolf. The occasional big cat is seen, usually tiger or leopard.

Many stone giants and trolls live in the hills, along with other giant types.


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Politics and People[edit]

The people of Rendland are tough and hard working. Making a living in this difficult land requires dedication and perseverance.

Crime is dealt with harshly in Rendland. Those who commit crimes are locked up until their families can pay their fines. Those guilty of serious crimes are executed. The higher your social standing, and the better your bribes, the easier your sentence.

Crime enforcement and courts are all corrupt.


The government is throughly dictatorial. All offices are appointed, even village elders. Any organization that does not have an "officially" designated leader is illegal.


The Transgressor sect is the dominant religious force in the region. Axiomites are rarely seen, although there is now some toleration for them. The gods of the region are branch of the Charystan pantheon.

Major Landmarks[edit]

  • Great Crags
  • Gianthome

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • An ancient temple has been damage by an earthquake. The evil being that the temple imprisoned is now loose.
  • A man-eating tiger has been killing villagers. Hunt it down and kill it.
  • Bandits are raiding the towns. Kill the bandits.
  • The local governor is crooked and overtaxing the people. Expose him.

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