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About the Near Planes[edit]

The near planes are those that are easier to get to. These are the core area where adventures take place. This is the land of history, where great events can change the world. Most of the near planes are on the gate system. Those planes that are not on the gate system are called "hidden", and you must follow the correct path to reach them.

Burning Lands Cluster[edit]

Moderately Fire, Cluster


Moderately Fire, Moderately Alchemic, Burning Lands Cluster
The Smoking Forges of Schanderna is homeland of the Fell, an elven people, steeped in craft and fire.

Charystan Cluster[edit]


Mildly Generative
This fertile valley once boasted the greatest city of the ancient world. Astreaus took it and made it into Astrea, a floating city. A new city lies here. The river valley is rich with small and medium cities.


Mildly Ordered
Charystos is among the largest cities ever known, extending its size over several planes. She is the capital of the Dragon Empire. Her population tops an estimated twenty million. She is old, and built upon extensive ruins of herself. She has been here through every age and every war. They favor Jade among all stones, and this stone is necessary in the religious life of the city. Her historic graveyard district broke apart from the city a millenia back and drifted into vile lands. This old graveyard is known as the Jade Necropolis.
Axiomite Diet
Broken City
Gold Bay
Grove Hill
Jade Necropolis
New Island
Palace of Eternity
West Palace District

Dragon Imperial Palace[edit]

Moderately Alchemic, Moderately Ordered
The Dragon Imperial Palace is one of the few protected planes in existence. The Dragon Emperor so feared for his safety that he had this small plane made impenetrable from plane shifters. The Ascetic Order of the Dragon now lives here, training monks, and hosting negotiations between hostile parties. The monastery trains many clerics, paladins, and monks, and hosts an excellent religious library.


Narachava is a holy city. The greatest temples in all the world lie here. Many other nations wish free access to this city. Many wars were fought for her control. She continually changed hands during the Wars of Good and Evil.

Rur Plains[edit]

These huge plains provide both grain and animals. Many massive creatures live here. The people here are still very tribal.

Cydean Cluster[edit]


Mildly Wild
This is a recently resettled world and part of the Border League. There are many creatures, ruins, and mysteries here. CR1-3.

Darkwood Forest[edit]

Mildly Mythic, Moderately Wild, Cydean Cluster
The Darkwood Forest is the primary source of darkwood throughout the planes. The Order of the Darkwood forest protects the wood. This forest boasts many defenders, both ordinary and supernatural.

Ferra Nea[edit]

Mildly Wild
This is the old capital of the Griffon Empire. After being sacked by the Feral Nation, it never again rose to its former glory.

Fort Resolute[edit]

Mildly Wild
This gargantuan, ex-Griffon Imperial fortress is now a premier trading city in the Border League. The Far Plane Trading Company claims a historical right to this fortress, wanting the riches of this trading center to swell their trading empire. The city also comes into frequent conflict with the Feral Nation.


Mildly Wild, Mildly Mythic
This human island has been cut off from her when the goblins seized Maig Bab. The fierce people here fight to keep their homes. This land is particularly strange, lying close to fey lands. The fey have helped the humans against the goblins, though the price be strange.

Maig Bab[edit]

Mildly Wild

The Feral Nation capital. This was once a Griffon Empire country, but goblin mercenaries rebelled and seized it as their own.


Moderatly Vile
Worm Eater has rebuilt the Pyramid of Skulls. He now engages in a war with Wolcnum.


Mildly Vile
The Voice of Corruption builds a mysterious army here.

Hadean Cluster[edit]

Mildly Earth, Mildly Alchemic, Dwarven Warren Cluster
The dwarven mines connect many dwarves cities together into a vast, single network of caverns, tunnels, and dangers. These are the various locations that make up the Great Dwarven Union. On the mountains above lies the Twelve Kingdoms.

Jura City[edit]

Mildly Earth, Mildly Alchemic, Dwarven Warren Cluster
The Cliff City of Jurra is among the largest and oldest of the dwarven cities. The mines inside the city lead into the cavernous labyrinth.

Tilgate Forest[edit]

Mildly Earth, Mildly Alchemic, Dwarven Warren Cluster
The Tilgate Forest is the site of the largest dwarven metalworks. They use a natural volcano to harvest and process liquid metals. The mountain produces liquid adamantine, but harvesting this is tremendously dangerous. The city itself is built in a vast cavern of metallic stalagmites and stalagtites, which is the underground "forest."

Mountain Kreta[edit]

Moderately Earth, Mildly Alchemic, Dwarven Warren Cluster
The dwarves mine this holy mountain for jade and supply the stone to Charystos, who greatly value this stone. They have access to some rare and magical forms of jade. One rare form of jade has all the properties of Crystal, Mundane (SRD Term). Ages ago, a powerful spellcaster broke off the top of Mount Kreta and tried to drop in on Charystos. It now sits in Gold Bay. The dwarves turned that peak into a magnificent temple complex. When the Malachite Emperor seized it for himself, he infuriated the dwarves. The dwarves want their holy site back.

Perma Coal Mines[edit]

Mildly Earth, Mildly Alchemic, Dwarven Warren Cluster
They mine coal here.

Lime Pits of Senno[edit]

Mildly Earth, Mildly Alchemic, Dwarven Warren Cluster
Senno is a leading producer of lime. The troops that come from this area are called Lime Burners. These dwarves have "barbarian" as their favored class.

Temples of Tria[edit]

Strongly Earth, Mildly Alchemic, Dwarven Warren Cluster
This dwarven city is a "holy city". Non-dwarves are rarely allowed in. The clerics and wizards of dwarves are popularly known as stone handlers for their abilities in stone magic. Basilus, Lord of Earth, resides here.

Lost City of Mezo[edit]

Strongly Earth
This dwarven city fell in ancient days. Its ruins lie deep in the Mythic. On occasion, brave adventurers dare her corridors in search of treasures or knowledge.

Twelve Kingdoms[edit]

Mildly Earth, Mildly Wild
Linden, Aster, Goldenrod, Hawthorn, Bitterroot, Laurel, Jessamine, Chervil, Germander, Primrose, Verbena, Woodbine.

Rhakotian Cluster[edit]

The Rhakotian cluster are a group of lands, empires, and environments which are heavily influenced by Rhakotis. Each has their own reason as to why.


Rhakotis is a northern cold, small, and highly influential state. Within it's capital lies the entirely independent state of Caer Wyrmshold. Based on the nature of each other, Rhakotis being a state with a ruling elite, a standing military and having goals in mind such as influence, economic power, military power, etc and Caer Wyrmshold being an endless library with goals in mind such as writing, knowledge, magic in general, learning, influence mostly in intellectual circles, etc they hardly every bicker. When they do the disputes are solved diplomatically. Rhakotis contains one of the Grand Portals.

Caer Wyrmshold[edit]

Caer Wyrmshold, also known as the Great Library, is ruled by the Mage's Cooperative. It is geographically surrounded by Rhakotis's capital city. Based on the nature of each other, Caer Wyrmshold being an endless library with goals in mind such as writing, knowledge, magic in general, learning, influence mostly in intellectual circles, etc and Rhakotis being a state with a ruling elite, a standing military and having goals in mind such as influence, economic power, military power, etc they hardly every bicker. When they do the disputes are solved diplomatically. Caer Wyrmshold is known for its voluminous archives, schooling, and intellectual discussions.

Desert of Aberrations[edit]

The Desert of Aberration is growing. The desert has consumed the breadbasked of Rhakotia over the last thousand years.



Glittering Vale[edit]

Moderately Mythic, Hidden
This land is near death. Magic is feared, Psionics are active, the wildlife is feral and ravenous. Many races have died off, others are different than expected. Nothing is as it seems. This plane is also called Dead World, and the Grave of Nomos. All the great lands of elven legend are here: Heliopolis, Silver Forest, Tower of the Wise, and Labyrinth of Destiny.

Great Black Swamp[edit]



Tasa Kora[edit]

Mildly Chaotic, Rhakotis Cluster
Tasa Cora is located sixty leagues from Rhakotis. It is here that the Far Plane Trading Company conducts its main operations.

Zoo of Arcadia[edit]

Moderately Wild
The Abandoned Zoo of Arcadia was once a Phoenix Imperial animal sanctuary of astounding size. These Emperors, for generation, stocked this place with many unique and strange creatures. Since those days, this world has fallen into disuse. The creatures there now run wild, making this word a dangerous place indeed. This world is now popular with big game hunters.

Savage Seas Cluster[edit]

Mildly Water, Mildly Wild
The Savage Sea is a lawless place. Pirate kidnap peoples from many lands to sell them to the many powers that want more slaves. They raid the coast in galleys powered by slaves. Even without magic, they can outrun most wind powered craft. The pirates are noteworthy for their use of black powder, which they use to fire bullets from pistols and rifles. With fire magic so common, only a pirate would be so desperate as to use such a suicidal form of warfare. The pirates themselves converge on Jumbalaya island, and the town of Kingston. Who the pirate king is at any point tends to change. Few pirate kings rule long.


Strongly Water, Savage Seas Cluster
These are the ruins of Atlantis, the great city of the sea elves.

Dead Man's Island[edit]

Mildly Water, Mildly Chaotic, Savage Seas Cluster
This is a deadly island. Few come here and survive the beasts, the cannibals, and the carnivorous plants.


Mildly Water, Moderately Chaotic


Moderately Water, Mildly Alchemic

Sandy Atoll/Fishing Hut[edit]

Mildly Wild, Mildly Water
This is a small fishing hut inhabited by a retired Phoenix Imperial wizard of considerable power. His island is the only land on the entire plane. He seeks to catch the legendary Phonix Flying Fish, the most difficult and elusive of all fish of all worlds. He has been trying for over 500 years.


This is an independent city state with maritime possessions. Most inhabitants are humans or elves.

Sky Realms Cluster[edit]

Moderately Air


Moderately Air
Astrea is the great flying city. In antiquity, there were once many flying cities. This is the last one.

Independent Planes[edit]

Eternal Dark[edit]

A massive asteroid, floating though the astral plane.


Random Nation Generation Tables[edit]

Endhaven is infinitely large and diverse. The Random Nation Generation Tables (DnD Variant rules) is a tool help you create lands and places.

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