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Mildly Water, Mildly Chaotic, Savage Seas Cluster

This deadly island is inhabited by dangerous creatures, cannibals, giant animals, ruins of a lost civilization, and a dragon.


Name: Dead Man's Island
Planar Size: Large Island (Savage Seas cluster)
Influences: None
Ruling Organization: Savage Sea Pirates
Government Type: Anarchy
Other Organizations:
  • None
Capital: None
Languages: Common
Religion: None
Patron Deity: Dauphin
Resources: Fruit, Water, Hidden Treasure
Important Locations:
  • Cavern of Bones
  • Cannibal Village
  • Pirate Stockade
  • Temple of Skulls
  • Volcano



In ages past, a civilization arose on this island who worshipped gods of madness. They practiced massive, bloody sacrifices. They dominated the islands of this region until heroes brought down their evil priests and hedonists kings. The island fell into ruin, overrun by the savage creatures that lived there.


During the War of Good and Evil, forces of Evil rebuilt the Temple of Skulls, but the forces of good defeated evil before they could complete their plans.


During the empires, Dead Man's Island drifted into the realm of legend. Few knew of its existence, and those who did go there vowed never again to return.


During the Wars of Law and Chaos, the empires lost control of the Savage Seas. Pirates grew and thrived in this area. The greatest of these pirates hid their treasure on Dead Man's Island. Some brave ones even set up outposts there. These were eventually abandoned. Even the most terrible of pirates fears Dead Man's Island.

Planar Information[edit]

Dead Man's Island is part of the Savage Seas. This volcanic island is dominated by a tropical climate, difficult terrain, fiendish creatures, and a foreboding that drives men mad.

This island is dominated by dense rain forest. Most of the plants are benign, but some are carnivorous. The fauna is mostly carnivorous, consisting of creature extinct in other parts of the world.

The land around the volcano is steep and craggy, making moving difficult. There are many ancient paths carved across these spines of the mountain. The edges of the island are much smoother, consisting of broad, easy expanses.

Around the island is a warm, tropical sea filled with every type of shark and sea predator imaginable. The vast array of reefs about the island host innumerable wrecks. Short of a map or powerful magics, getting a seagoing vessel through those reefs is certain doom.


There are no gates or landing points on Dead Man's Island. Coming here via magic is dangerous. Simply arriving via teleportation or plane shifting requires a caster to make a Will save DC 25 or be driven mad for 1d4 days. Leaving the island is simply impossible via magic.

Politics and People[edit]

Cannibals: A tribe of cannibals live on this island. They want to put your head on a pole and chop you up for stew. These cannibals worship the gods of madness as their ancestors did. They believe the Temple of Skulls is a holy place, and that anyone who desecrates this place will bring the wrath of the gods upon them all.

Major Landmarks[edit]

Cavern of Bones

These extensive caverns along the rough northern edge of the island were often used to hide treasure. The treacherous currents and dangerous tides make these caverns hard to reach. Inside are terrible secrets.

Cannibal Village

The cannibals live here. Most of them are Warrior 4. They move about in gangs of four or eight. They follow a leader (Warrior 10) and a Witch Doctor 8.

Pirate Stockade

The pirates once had a small fort here. The wood is rotting, but it is good enough to keep the carnivores out.

Temple of Skulls

This unholy place is entirely dominated by an Unhallow (detect evil). Evil here stands out like a light-bulb. If you do not stand out as evil, most likely you will die.

The temple itself is a stepped pyramid with the altar on top. Underneath is a maze of passages, tombs, and traps.


The natives believe that the volcano is the home of a mad god. They may be correct. Eruptions can be stopped with the sacrifice of a female virgin. The sacrifice of someone else's beautiful virgin tends to work better than a native-born virgin.

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • Someone is shipwrecked on the island and desperate to leave.
  • Cultists have reopened the Temple of Skulls.
  • You find a map to a pirate's buried treasure.
  • You must stop cannibal raids by going to their home island.
  • As part of a larger adventure, characters must travel here to find an obscure clue or forgotten lore.
  • The party is shipwrecked here. They may need to repair their boat, or have no boat at all.

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