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Flag of Oceanus


Moderately Water, Mildly Alchemic, Savage Seas Cluster

This city was settled by Alectian elves. The City Council rules here, with the aid of The Aria Crafting Guild. Entrance to the city from the ocean is controlled from the Aria, a magical device which holds back the water while allowing passage of living things.

The inhabitants are consistently trying to maintain a semblance of order. Between attacks by the Vagrant Sea Pirates, and roving aquatic creatures, this task is precarious at best.


Name: Pacifica
Planar Size: Large City, Savage Seas gargantuan cluster
Influences: None
Ruling Organization: Oceanus
Government Type: Council of Elders
Other Organizations:
  • Aria Crafting Guild
Capital: Self
Languages: Elven, Aquan
Religion: Elven Pantheon
Patron Deity: Dauphin
Resources: Fish, Coral, Pearls
Important Locations:
  • Aria
  • Temple of Good Council
  • Temple of Dauphin



Atlantis was settled during the Crusade of Light. Sagic elves fleeing from the conflict settled here, in apparent safety.


Pacifica was settled during Thule's Empire. At that time, the two cities called themselves Oceanus. When Thule successfully defeated the pirates who plied those seas, he convinced Oceanus to place itself under his Empire. Over time, these became the Alectian elves.

When Thule's Empire broke into three, Oceanus followed the Dragon Empire. The Dragon Empire counted them as allies rather than subjects. They maintain their respect for the Dragon Emperor, venerating him as a spritual leader even though the Dragon Empire is no more.


Oceanus fought on the side of Law during the Wars of Law and Chaos. Pacifica became the capital of Oceanus when Atlantis was destroyed by the Samael.

With the overthrow of the Dragon Emperor, Pacifica ceased its support of Charystos. They are not hostile to the Malachite Empire, but they are not supportive either.


Pacifica is attempting to pacify the Savage Seas in cooperation with Venalicium. They are failing. Each year, they lose more ships and peoples to the pirates above. Kraken move into their fishing territory. The Dread Captain, a black dragon of the largest size, raids for treasure to build his hoard.

Planar Information[edit]

Pacifica is a complex of undersea domes built from tropical coral reefs. The reef is still alive and semi-transparent. The central dome is the oldest of the domes. When the city expanded, it grew the New Dome. The third dome, built further down in the water, is called the Twilight Cathedral. Visiting peoples are allowed to live in the Foreign Dome.


Pacifica has a gate that acts as a landing point in the Main Dome. A small fortress surrounds this gate.


Pacifica is an entirely artificial environment underneath tropical seas.


Pacifica lies amid coral reefs and teeming sea life. The people have learned to harvest and grow many undersea plants, planting beautiful undersea gardens.

Politics and People[edit]

The Alectians are a wearied people. They fled from conflict, but conflict has always been behind them. Given their choice, they prefer building and growing works of beauty and design. They enjoy working with complex maths and patterns.


Pacifica is ruled by a body of its most learned scholars, in the Sagic tradition.


College: This is where the greatest teachers teach. They are the government.


The sea elves are reclusive people. They are hesitant to let anyone live with them. These people they allow to stay in the Foreign Dome. This is a crowded area. These people have worked and lived in Pacifica for generations, but they do not share the rights or living space that the elves enjoy.


The sea elves greatly revere Dauphin.


The sea elves currently fight the Savage Sea Pirates. This is a losing war for them. The pirates raid them for slaves. If the elves fight back, more of them get captured for slaves. The Sea Elves have no elves to ally with, and so perceive themselves as alone.

  • Dean of History, Cecorcian
  • Dean of Mathematics, Triaculin
  • Dean of Rhetoric, Echostra

Major Landmarks[edit]

  • Main Dome
  • Temple of Dauphin
  • Great College
  • New Dome
  • Foreign Dome
  • Twilight Cathedral
  • Landing Platform
  • Deep Caves

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • Rescue sea elves from the pirates.
  • Help drive out attackers.
  • Discover the injustices of the Foreign Dome.
  • Seek information from the scholars.
  • Convince the sea elves to accept an alliance.

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