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Flag of Oceanus


Moderately Water, Savage Seas cluster

These are the ruins of once great Atlantis, yet still remains the court of Dauphin, the Elemental Lord of Water. The ruins sit in warm, tropical seas.

Dauphin makes these ruins her home.


Name: Atlantis
Planar Size: Once Large City, Savage Seas gargantuan cluster
Influences: None
Ruling Organization: Ruins
Government Type: None
Other Organizations:
  • None
Capital: None
Languages: Aquan
Religion: Elemental Lords
Patron Deity: Dauphin
Resources: Treasure, Coral, Pearls
Important Locations:
  • None


The Alectian elves split apart from the Sagi elven population during the Crusade of Light. They sought sanctuary below the waves. They made alliances with the Elemental Lord of Water, Sunami, and established the legendary city of Atlantis.

Sunami was killed when Samael led a raid against Atlantis, destroying the underwater city. The new Elemental Lord of Water, Dauphin, took no interest in the Alectians or Oceanus, abandoning them. She moved her court back into Atlantis, bringing the wild sea back to that tropical ocean. She has gathered around her a vast array of undersea peoples and creatures.

The Triton King has set up his own court here. He is a long-time servant of Dauphine. The tritons of this city are sworn to protect Dauphine.

See Also: Oceanus


Atlantis has been destroyed. Those who live here are happy living here.

  • Dauphin wishes proper worship. Those who do not worship her properly suffer the wrath of the sea.


  • Triton King

Headquarters and Locations[edit]

  • Temple of Dauphin
  • Palace of the Triton King
  • Harem of the Mermaids

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • Retrieve treasure from sunken Atlantis.
  • Retrieve the air generator from Atlantis.
  • Go speak to Dauphin.

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