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Flag of Oceanus
Moderately Water, Mildly Alchemic


Oceanus is the realm of the sea folk, including sea elves, merfolk, and tritons. They struggle in their daily lives below the ocean just as human struggle above. Their protector and sage is Tritum, a great wyrm bronze dragon.

The sea elves have constructed devices called aria which generate domes of force above their cities, and gate in air from the Elemental Plane of Air. These devices draw energy from the Alchemic Plane. These devices range from huge, for the cities, to ship sized for their undersea ships.


The Alectian elves split apart from the main elven population during the War of Good and Evil. They sought sanctuary below the waves. They made alliances with the sea peoples there and established the legendary city of Atlantis. The city grew and prospered well enough to colonize more cities, such as Pacifica, Indica, and Tethys.

When the Wars of Law and Chaos came, the sea cities were not spared. Aquatic goblins raided Atlantis, destroying her dome and condemning her population. With their need great, the great wrym bronze dragon Tritium agreed to be their protector and guider. He organized the sea peoples into an alliance called Oceanus. They fought on the side of Law during the Wars of Law and Chaos.

In recent years, the Savage Sea Pirates have arisen as the great threat in the Savage Seas.


  • Civilize the oceans
  • Defeat ocean threats
  • Defeat Savage Sea pirates
  • Defend against other aquatic humanoids.
  • Establish new undersea cities.


  • Continuous war with the Savage Sea Pirates
  • Locate and recover relics of Atlantis
  • Drive off evil aquatic humanoids


  • Great Wyrm Bronze Dragon

Headquarters and Locations[edit]

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • An Oceanus ship has been seized by pirates. Recover the ship.
  • Find the lair of the Shaghuan who have been attacking shipping.
  • Locate the lost Crown of Atlantis.
  • Defeat the kraken who has been disrupting shipping.

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