Crusade of Light (Endhaven Supplement)

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Flag of Charystos during the Crusade of Light.

The Crusade of Light marks the end of Antiquity. This was the last of the Epic Wars, fought with high magic and high ideals. After this war, the gods became more remote in the conflicts of the world, and the conflicts themselves became vaguer and less directed.

Students of Rhakotis deduced that a secret power ruled the world, and they traced this power to the Magi of Glittering Vale. They grew jealous of this power, and so formed a pact called the Black Alliance. They grew in power and prestige as the years progressed, and soon they were prepared. They struck at the Magi, and in turn, began their own conquests.

The Magi lost many elves wizards. The Black Alliances was very efficient are killing the elven wizards using magics both foul and damning. The war raged, and the Magi grew afraid. They sent a delegation to the Mother of Storms to beg for advice. She informed them that they should form an alliance, but that this alliance would destroy their empire. The elves consented, and they summoned all the great races to them. They fought back against the forces of evil, eventually destroying them. In their victory, though, they bankrupted themselves. Their mercenaries seized cities as their payment, and their grant world scheme crumbled down.

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