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The alliance called the Shadow Lance grew out of the Age of Heroes. This group of Necromancers, ambitious generals, fallen paladins, and other evil men attempted to oust the Sagic elves and assert control over all Endhaven. They fought against the Golden Circle in a war called the Crusade of Light, eventually losing.


The Shadow Lance grew from a radical student movement in Rhakotis and Caer Wyrmshold. This group realized that a power moved across the land in a controlling way. They worked to uncover this power, then struck against it. They killed many Sagic elves. They then moved into that power vacuum.

The Sagic elves reformed their ways, gathering the greatest heroes of their day and trusting that these heroes would turn the tide. They called this alliance the Golden Circle. After many years of war, the Golden Circle defeated the Shadow Lance members one by one until they were finally defeated before the gates of Lagan.

Once the war ended, the Golden Circle broke. What remained of the Shadow Lance reformed into the Shadow Empire.


  • Destroy the Power of the Sagic elves.
  • Take over the known world.


  • Extended war with the Golden Circle.


There were many powerful members of the Black Alliance.

Headquarters and Locations[edit]

The Shadow Lance operated from Rhakotis in its early years. They eventually moved their operatons to Tasa Kora. Late in the war, they assembled at the Court of Lagan.

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • An ancient member of the Shadow Lance is still alive or returning to power.
  • An ancient artifact of the Shadow Lance has been found and should be transported to a place of safety.
  • Creates left over from an ancient war have escaped their imprisonment.

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