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The War of Good and Evil ended, but Evil never rested. The King of Lagan formed the Circle of Skulls to lead the new Shadow Empire.

The Shadow Empire's standard is a skull superimposed on a five pointed star, facing downward.


In the war between Good and Evil, the Shadow Lance tried to conquer everything. They lost that war, with the Golden Circle proving victorious. Though beaten, they were not defeated. They faded into the shadows, changing their tactics. They now seek to control all organization from the shadow. Their goals is to decay all the good institutions, undermine all that is good, and murder those who oppose them. Victory through patience.

The Empire is run by the Circle of Skulls, a group of demi-liches holed up deep in the Jade Necropolis. It is they who pulls the strings in this long and patient plan.


  • Identify the Teachers.
  • Take control of all governments through conspiracy.
  • Prevent any new Wars of Law and Chaos.
  • Train evil men who are worthy.
  • Recover great items of evil.
  • Destroy great items of good.


The Shadow Empire's primary duel is with the Teachers. Each fights a proxy war with the other through their agents.

The Shadow Empire is at odd's with the Mage's Cooperative and have battled frequently. Some of the Cooperative's more promising guild members switch sides, taking secrets to the Shadow Empire. Meanwhile, the Shadow Empire knows many old and forgotten secrets, and Bellicos wants to gain them for himself.


  • The Demi-Liches of the Circle of Skulls.

Headquarters and Locations[edit]

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • Hunt down Shadow Empire agents who have stolen a holy artifact.
  • Discover the source of dark and secret knowledge.
  • Identify members of the Circle of Skulls.

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