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Mildly Ordered, Mildly Alchemic

Caer Wyrmshold is the premier library of all of the planes, and the headquarters of the influential Mage's Cooperative. The Great Library acts as a library, a university, a research lab, and a regulatory administration.

Caer Wyrmshold constitutes an independent state surrounded by Rhakotis' capital city.

The library contains the histories of many planes and places. Whether these planes and places actually exist or not is researched and debated. Those who study these places find them fascinating, and are continually learning about them in the recesses of Caer Wyrmshold. New treasures are constantly being uncovered in the library. New books are constantly arriving from those who frequent the library, adventurers, states, and through trade.

The library itself is not one building, but a series of libraries and buildings tucked away around the Caer. It is said that no one but Sonoren knows where all the libraries are.

The restricted collection library comprises the most rare, valuable, and dangerous books. The scholars who can access the restricted collection say that it is located in the upper stories of the Darkwater building. The texts which can be found in this library describe the nature of the universe itself, and only the most experienced and trusted scholars are able to correct the errors discovered in them. Other books in the restricted collection have the power to cause unmatched destruction and can also only be approached by the most experienced and trusted scholars.


Name: Caer Wyrmshold
Planar Size: Tiny Plane
Influences: None
Ruling Organization: Mage's Cooperative
Government Type: Cooperative
Other Organizations: None
Languages: Common
Religion: Charystan
Patron Deity: Sonoren
Resources: Books
Important Locations:
  • Libraries
  • Mage's Cooperative Headquarters
  • Mage's Cooperative Repository
  • Great Court
  • Library School


Repair of the Great Library

According to tradition, Caer Wyrmshold dates from a time before time. Scholars point to the unusual languages in its libraries containing unaccountable histories, the inexplicable stone used for the library's construction, and the name of the Library itself.

The Great Library appears frequently in the tales of heroes. Many sought the knowledge of the school, or sought sanctuary.


The Rhakotian Cluster is the birthplace of the War of Good and Evil. Many kings, queens, generals, knights, dames, ruling families, armies, warbands, militias, etc rose to prominence in the Rhakotian Empire, the Rhakotian Cluster, and the surrounding areas. Their actions and ambitions lead them to attack nations, attack territories, attack cities, attack villages, use subversive methods to gain influence to make their name, assassinate others in the name of righteousness or for fun, and many other actions. As such, mainly as a way to secure the library itself, Caer Wyrmshold formed the Mage's Cooperative.

The Mage's Cooperative first goals were to keep those engaged in the War of Good and Evil from considering Caer Wyrmshold theirs. They implemented "Caer Wyrmshold's War of Good and Evil: Warring Repercussions; Required Armistice or Diplomatic Intervention" which, when a figure or party engaged in the War of Good and Evil would consider moving against Caer Wyrmshold they would require armistice of the related figures or parties: themselves included. When one would not accept neither would they and the Mage's Cooperative, the new rulers of Caer Wyrmshold, would then sent diplomatic emissaries to the home state and attempt to dismantle their power. When this would not work they would take monetary actions, if needed going as far as hiring armies to keep those engaged at bay until actions could be secured.

Many stories exist relating to "Caer Wyrmshold's War of Good and Evil: Warring Repercussions; Required Armistice or Diplomatic Intervention": telling of Caer Wyrmshold's accounts in the War of Good and Evil.

It was during this time that Sonoren, the scholarly god, came to live in Caer Wyrmshold, and it became more of a fortress of knowledge.

Image of Sonoren

Caer Wyrmshold became the premier training grounds of wizards and sorcerers during the empires. The Mage's Guild controlled the excesses of magic through the lands. The school grew, annexing many parts of old Rhakotis. During this time, the great blue dragon Bellicos came to control decisions of the Mage's Cooperative, and through that, decisions of the library.

The Library instituted its Great Collection program in this age. It seeks to collect every known work. This expresses Bellicos's greed for books and knowledge.


Caer Wyrmshold stayed firmly neutral during the Wars of Law and Chaos. They repeated with great vigor that their mandate was never to take sides.

The school itself was a hotbed of intellectual activity. The theory of transgression originated in Caer Wyrmshold.


Caer Wyrmshold is always in the middle of something. No great events occur that do not affect this school.

Planar Information[edit]

See: Rhakotis.


The library does not have its own gate, nor does it need one.

Politics and People[edit]

Caer Wyrmshold is divided into a number of sections: Libraries, the School, and the Mage's Cooperative headquarters.

The library houses the great works and the scriptoriums.

The school is composed of the scholars, the students, and research.

The Mage's Cooperative Headquarters governs the library and the school. The Cooperative also handles issues of magical item trade, enforcement of magical law, and debate of great magical issues.

Major Landmarks[edit]

  • Library — Many books reside in the libraries vaults.
  • Mage's Cooperative Headquarters
  • Mage's Cooperative Repository
  • Great Court
  • Library School

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • Kill a rogue wizard
  • Recover a lost volume of ancient lore
  • Track down those who stole a volume from the library
  • Defend yourselves against false charges of magical law
  • Escort a scholar on an important mission

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