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Mildly Aberrant

Oppland is swamply land interspersed with magnificent cities of stone. In the summers, fish swarms draw hydra. The creature handlers of this realm have tamed hydra. The land abounds with snakes, giant vermin, and alligators. Oppland was once part of the Phoenix Empire, and is a stronghold of the Transgressors. Oppland is part of the Blood Alliance.


Name: Oppland
Planar Size: Medium Plane
Influences: None
Ruling Organization: Independent
Government Type: Dictatorship
Other Organizations: None
Capital: Alsa Manijarti
Languages: Common
Religion: Charystan, Transgressor
Patron Deity: Red Lady of War
Resources: Fish, Rice, reptile skin, exotic beasts
Important Locations:


Oppland was once part of the Phoenix Empire. The Far Plane Trading Company helped this province to break away from that empire. The junta that ruled the country has continued ruling it, although there is a civil war every time that the leadership changes. The most recent leader is Grandfather Amajaradin, the winning general of the last war, along with his self-proclaimed Nkomo Dynasty. He runs the country as his personal property, splitting the profits with the Far Plane Trading Company. He uses trade as a weapon to keep his subjects in line.

  • The hydra spawns in the last few years have been getting worse.
  • Unnaturally large and deformed creatures have begun appearing.
  • An unknown magical power has established itself in the swamps. They are unnaturally evil.
  • The Astrean Flying Cities have stopped trading with the Blood Alliance.

Planar Information[edit]

Oppland is a swamp interspersed with habitable land. Near the larger cities, the swamp has been successfully drained or controlled.

Oppland is dominated by swamps, rice paddies, small hills, and mud. The swamp is dominated by fish and the fishing ecosystem. The dangerous creatures include giant vermin, giant frogs, swarms, carnivorous plants, alligators, giant snakes, and the hydra.

The animal handlers of this realm have learned to train the hydra. These terrible creatures have enabled Oppland to conquer many of her swampy neighbors and make her a formidable force on the battlefield. The hydra trainers routinely chop of heads of their hydra before battle to make them as fearsome as possible.


Oppland has no working gates.

Politics and People[edit]

Oppland is a well protected country. Invading requires going through the swamps, and the swamps are crawling with thousands, if not millions, of lethal creatures.

Oppland's offensive forces are lighter than her neighbors, more beastly in nature. Her forces rely on shallow-bottom boats to move quickly through the swamps. Oppland regulars often become pirates.

Oppland is dominated by poor farmers and fishers. The swamps are dangerous places, and the mortality rate of the common people is high. Many people have learned to hunt the dangerous creatures of the swamp for their valuable skins. Others train the creatures for their use in battle or in arena games. Hydra fights are a popular pastime.

The culture of Oppland is simple. The common man struggles to make a living. Those with more money or more might live far more comfortably.


This land is dominated by harsh punishment for any crime. Those condemned to death are sent to the hydra pits for public sport.


Far Plane Trading Company: The FPTC has a strong hold here. They have drive the Mage's Cooperative from this area.


The Xeph were once a common race in this country. The Psychotic Assembly waged a war of genocide against them. There remain some Xeph towns in this country. Most Xephs have been killed or driven off.


The transgressor philosophy is dominant in the country. The country otherwises worships the Charystan Pantheon.


The Blood Alliance is in hostilities with the Astrean Flying Cities. Many Opplanders become pirates.

Major Landmarks[edit]


The capital is Alsa Manijarti. It is dominated by massive, ornate temples and palaces.

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • What is causing the creature mutations?
  • A hydra is attacking a town.
  • A town plagued by swarms.
  • You have a treasure map to a secret location in the swamp.
  • Discover the identity of the mysterious wizard in the swamp.

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