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Mildly Chaotic, Charystos Cluster

Tasa Kora island was once a premier trading city of the Phoenix Empire, eventually became a primary shipping hub during the Wars of Law and Chaos, and is now the largest independent port on the Savage Seas. The island is a teeming mish-mash of smugglers, traders, pirates, mercenaries, and bankers. Almost anything can be bought here if you look long enough.

This is the headquarters of the Far Plane Trading Company.


Name: Tasa Kora
Planar Size: Small Plane, Savage Seas colossal cluster
Influences: None
Ruling Organization: Far Plane Trading Company
Government Type: Corporate
Other Organizations: None
Capital: Tasa Kora
Languages: Common
Religion: Charystan Pantheon
Patron Deity: One-Eye Jack
Resources: Trade, Seafood
Important Locations:
  • Harber
  • North Shore
  • Far Plane Trading Company Fortress



Tasa Kora does not appear in antiquity. Scholars show that the island hosted a fishing people and small herds.


Tasa Kora was first mentioned during the War of Good and Evil. Rhakotis fortified the island and the harbor. They used this island as a safe harbor for their considerable fleet.


Tasa Kora resisted the Thule Empire. The island remained independent. Only with intrigue and truly massive bribery did Thule take this island.


During the wars of Law and Chaos, the Phoenix Empire used this island as its main trading post. Rather than let foreign ships near Rhakotis, they used this point as a transfer and trading center. It was during these years that Tasa Kora emerged as a place where any and all trades could be made. The island survived the many assaults made against her. It was towards the end of these years that the Far Plane Trading Company asserted defacto dominance of this island.


Tasa Kora is always full of recent events. There are continuously assassinations, coups, buyouts, betrayals, forgeries, and outright theft occurring. There is no lack of evil men preying upon other evil men.

Planar Information[edit]

Tasa Kora lies approximately sixty leagues south of Rhakotis. The seas around the island are fair, and the climate mediterranean.


Tasa Kora has multiple gates, all artificial, and all built at phenomenal expense. Each of these gates is well guarded.


Tasa Kora has a Mediterranean climate. The island itself once had a gentle coastline, but years of magic and dwarven labor have turned its outward face into an in assailable fortress. Great artificial crags of stone lie along every approach, but for the harbor. The island itself is greatly terraformed, with every possible place built upon or built under. The Far Plane Trading Company has excavated vast cavern networks underneath the island to house their considerable wares.


If there were room, the island would boast flora and fauna. Those plants that do grow here are fig trees, palms, and olive trees. Most food comes from surrounding lands.

Politics and People[edit]

Tasa Kora is a large trading city crammed onto a small island. Every possible inch of the island has been developed in some way. The populace crams itself into tiny, crowded slums and tenements. The powerful live in great houses in high luxury.

Some call this city a "smuggler's den," for you can buy anything and everything here. Those who know better call this a "smuggler's paradise." There are no laws here, except paying the Harbor Master his fee.


Tasa Kora has no formal government. The informal government consists of threats levied by the Far Plane Trading Company. If you are acting so badly that the FPTC must intercede, then your business and everyone in it are executed.

The great magnates of the island belong to exclusive clubs. It is in these social halls that deals are made or broken, and the resolution of grievances occurs. The clubs range from the great Tower of Trade to a myriad of local trading establishments. Access to these places of power is highly regulated, mostly through massive bribes.

Behind the scenes is the great wyrm called Parsifax. He does not care what happens on the island, as long as trade continues, and as long as that makes him money. He frequently has parties assassinated who are too strong or too weak.


Far Plane Trading Company: These are both the government of the island and the chief tenant.

Harbor Master: The Harbor Master is the "god" of the harbor. His word is law until he is assassinated. The Harbor Master, and his harbor organization, are referred to as the Harbor Master.

Smugglers: If you want it smuggled, this is the place to do it. If you want to buy illegal goods, this is the place to do it.


Tasa Kora is a hotbed of racial issues. The rabble are continuously murdering each other.


Aside from worshiping One-Eye Jack and various prostitution goddesses, not much religion happens on this island.


Tasa Kora has been assaulted by Charystos on many occasions. Charystos would like nothing better than to raze this city to bedrock.

  • The Harbormaster

Major Landmarks[edit]

  • FPTC Fortress
  • Harbor
  • North Shore resort
  • Sardine Town
  • Tower of Trade
  • Warehouse Caverns
  • Soaring City

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • Assassinate someone
  • Prevent an assassination
  • Stop a gang war
  • Start a gang war
  • Pick up illicit cargo
  • Stop illicit cargo

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