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The Rur Plains are vast plains in the heartland of the Charystan cluster. Many nomadic peoples live here, herding their cattle. The plains are the home of many exotic creatures, including dire wolves, dire tigers, mastodons, bison, and ceratopsian dinosaurs.

The people who live on these plains are proud and independent. They move with the herds. They trade hides and ivory for finished goods.


Name: Rur Plains
Planar Size: Huge plane
Influences: None
Ruling Organization: None
Government Type: Territory
Other Organizations: None
Capital: None
Languages: Common
Religion: Charystan and Native
Patron Deity: Hart
Resources: Ivory, Hides
Important Locations:


The Rur plains are mentioned in antiquity. The people lived then as they do now.

The Rur people have supplied high-quality light-cavalry to the Dragon and Malachite empires for generations.

Planar Information[edit]

The plains are hot in the summers and cold in the winter. The summers are usually dry with intense rains.

There are few permanent settlements on the plains. A line of trading posts stretches across the plains.

Politics and People[edit]

The Rur people are fierce and independent. They are proud of their cavalry and proud of their support of their Emperor.


The Rur people are tribal. As no one tribe has more authority than another, the tribes can take generations to agree on new issues.

Major Landmarks[edit]

Great Treent

In the midst of the plain is a huge, ancient treent. The tribes gather at this treent on a yearly basis.

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • Find a caravan lost on the plains.
  • Hunt a dangerous creature.

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