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Great Dwarven Union


The dwarves have established an cross-clan government to manage the needs of their extensive mine and manufacturing system.

The Great Dwarven Union lies mostly underground, amid rock and stone. Atop lies the huge Hadean Mountains, the Pinnacles of the Earthlords, said to be the actual remains of fallen Earth Lords. The most holy of these holy mountains is Mount Kreta. During Age of Heroes, the top of this mountain was broken off by a powerful wizard and dropped in Charystos. Ever since then, the dwarves have considered this island to be their territory.


During the age of Mercenary Kingdoms, the dwarves repeatedly found their people poorly paid, abused, lied to, or otherwise taken advantage of. In response, they formed the Stonebrother to monitor their brothers and sister. This religious cult went from place to place enforcing the agreements that were in place. This system worked well until the Wars of Law and Chaos.

With the Wars of Law and Chaos, the Stonebrother system proved inadequate. The dwarves also found their manufacturing and mining pressed to its limits. Each clan worked independently. The clans, seeing the need for more cooperation, formed the Great Dwarven Union. They brought the entire dwarven mine and manufacturing system under one organization, ruled by the High Priest of the Stonebrothers, and supervised by the Slagsmal.


The Great Dwarven Union seeks the following:

  • Coordinate all dwarven activity in the GDU.
  • Provide a united front against outside interference.
  • Provide a means to retaliate against those who abuse dwarven workers.
  • Meet the increasing production demands for dwarven equipment.


The Great Dwarven Union's biggest problem with religious in nature: the Malachite Emperor kicked the dwarves out of their temples in Charystos and is using those temples as his own palace. That island is the peak of Mount Kreta and is holy ground.

The Blood Alliance has been hiring dwarves under false pretenses. These are not GDU dwarves, but the GDU feels that any dwarf so abused deserves their protection.

Many dwarves do not feel that the Union sees to their interests.


  • High Priest of Kreta

Headquarters and Locations[edit]

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • Rescue dwarves forced to work as slaves.
  • Smuggle religious artifacts out of the Malachite Emperor's palace.
  • Act as a middle man to buy dwarven goods.
  • Find a creature killing dwarves in their mines.
  • Protect a group of dwarves repairing a tunnel.
  • Smuggle equipment to or from Charystos to the GDU.
  • Explore an area of tunnel that the dwarves have taboos against (but stranger are allowed to go).

Dwarven United[edit]


Dwarven United is the guild wing of the Great Dwarven Union. These local guilds act to promote and protect their members. These organizations allow dwarves and other workers to organize without being considered revolutionaries.

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • The Dwarven Union has located enslaved dwarves. Raid those slaves and punish them hard.
  • Go to a location. Check the conditions of the dwarves there. Fix any unacceptable problems.

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