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This exclusively dwarven religious order delves deeply into beliefs of stone and steel. Their holy symbol is the anvil. Their forges are their temples, and their anvils are frequently hallowed. These clerics choose from the Artifice and Strength domains. All stonebrothers must have the Earth

Stonebrothers served Law in the Wars of Law and Chaos.

All stonebrothers who multiclass get the Stonebrother feat (dwarves only, stonebrothers only), which allows the following:

  • All levels taken in fighter count as cleric levels for determining caster level for stonebrothers domain spells, any earth spell, creating magical arms and armor, creating golems, and summoning/turning/rebuking air/earth elementals. (The DM may adjudicate this feat to apply to other thematic elements not specified.) This feat does not allow the stonebrother to take a higher level spells in cleric than his cleric class allows.
  • This feat allows a Stonebrother to base his divine spellcasting on his Constitution, rather than his Wisdom.
  • Stonebrothers may take Craft Magical Arms and Armor at level six or Craft Wondrous Object at level 3. These both count as fighter bonus feats for stone brothers.
  • All stonebrothers must keep their fighter level within one level of their cleric level. Stonebrothers who violate this rule lose the use of the Stonebrother feat. Once the imbalance is restored, they regain the use of the Stonebrother feat.
  • Stonebrothers can not make use of anything with the air descriptor. Stonebrothers have a +4 supernatural bonus to saves against air effects, and must attempt a save against air effects even if these effects would be beneficial to them.
  • Stonebrothers may not take prestige classes unless those classes are directly related to stone. Those who break this rule become ex-stonebrothers, and lose the use of the Stonebrother feat.


Stonebrothers arose from a desire of the dwarves to keep tabs on their brethren. Before the Great Dwarven Union arose, the Stonebrothers were the primary way that the dwarves guaranteed the good treatment of their own in foreign lands.


  • Stand for ex patriot dwarves.
  • Stand up for other craftsman.
  • Act as arbiter.
  • Guarantee that contracts are filled.
  • Guarantee that the dwarves are living up to a high crafting standard.


  • Stonebrothers stand in conflict with those who would take advantage of dwarves.
  • Stonebrohhers stand against those who misuse craftsman.
  • Stonebrothers stand against those who break or manipulate contracts.
  • Stonebrothers stand against those who negociate with cooersion.


Headquarters and Locations[edit]

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • Stonebrothers seek the downfall of slavers.
  • Stonebrothers need help proving the illegal behavior of several employers.

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