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Mildly Wild

Ferra Nea was once the capital of the Griffon Empire. The Griffon Empire collapsed in its own civil, and now Ferra Nea is a fortress city held by the Feral Nation. This is the only Feral Nation city where foreigners may freely travel to.

Ferra Nea is a major hub of the slave-trade. Slaves captured by the Savage Sea pirates are brought upriver here for sale.


Name: Ferra Nea
Planar Size: Medium City
Influences: None
Ruling Organization: Feral Nation
Government Type: Dictatorship
Other Organizations: None
Capital: Central Tower
Languages: Goblin, Common
Religion: Goblinoid
Patron Deity: Samael
Resources: Amber, Silver
Important Locations:
  • See Below


Ferra is an old city, settled by the Gealts. Although it is not as old as Fort Resolute, the city is still old and populous. With its place at the headwaters of a navigable river, Ferra grew into a thriving trade center, acting as a hub between highway and waterway.

Ferra followed the Shadow Lance during the Crusade of Light. In time, the Alliance of the Sun defeated her and seemingly purged her of her great evils. Her patron Samael slept.

Following the Crusade of Light, Ferra became a mercenary kingdom of considerable power. The war between her and Charystos was long and convoluted. Ferra was the first major power fall to Thule, solidifying Charystos as the preeminent power of Endhaven.

After Thule's abdication, Fort Resolute became the capital of the Griffon Empire. The Emperor was unhappy there. He wanted a great city for his own, more like Charystos or Rhakotis. He ordered a massive building program in Ferra, renaming it Ferra Nea.

The city grew magnificent under the Griffon Emperors, with the empire building works as wonderful as those seen in any other city. Her defenses were built both high and deep. By all expert accounts, the city was impregnable.

The Wars of Law and Chaos marked the end of the age of empires. The Griffon empire succumb to its own people, ripping itself apart.

Samael reappeared, uniting the goblins under his banner. The goblins fought and conquered well. The remains of the Griffon Empire formed the Griffon League, based in Ferra Nea. The Feral Nation attacked that city, and to the horror of the civilized world, overcame her great defenses. The Griffon League rename itself to the Border League.

Several years ago, the Border League mounted a major campaign to retake Ferra Nea. They seized the city for a year, but were unable to hold it. With great losses, the Border League retreated.

Planar Information[edit]

Ferra Nea is a temperate land with distinct seasons. The land is dominated by decidous trees of many types, such as poplar, elm, ash, pine, and oak. A large river races down many small falls, then forms a navigable river that runs south to the Savage Sea. The land is dominated by gentle hills. There is relatively little wildlife as the city and farms dominate this region.

The landscape is dominated by vast slaved run farms and factories.

Politics and People[edit]

Ferra Nea is governed by a bugbear named General Tinhammer. He was hand picked by Samael to run this city.

Ferra Nea is a major exhange center between the Savage Sea pirates and smugglers, and the slave labor farms and factories of the Feral Nation. From the pirates and smugglers they get dried fish, sugar, and slaves. In exchange, the pirates get ships, weapons, and rum.

Major Landmarks[edit]

Central Tower

Ferra Nea's first ruler after the fall of the Griffon Empire choose this place as a home and workplace, is the strongest building in the city.

Abubra Nea harbor

Savage Seas pirate ships are a common sight along the navigable river.

Karazu Market

Slave trading is held in the main section of this market where all kind of foreign goods are sold.

Astrean Skyport

The Astreans once had a skyport in this city. The port is now locked down, its magical lightning defenses driving off any who seek to gain access to the secrets in there. Many have tried to plumb its secrets and all have died.

The Haunted Palace of the Griffon Emperor (a.k.a Ruins)

People said that the ruins of the palace of the Griffon Emperor are cursed and strange creatures are seen there fairly often.

The Undercity

Below Ferra Nea are the ruins of a forgotten age when the Shadow Lance ruled this city and its ruler allied with the Lord of Lagan. Few venture here and live. Even the goblins avoid the undercity.

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • Rescue a man or a woman from being sold as a slave.
  • A dreadful pirate is in the city.You need to locate him before he sails.He has a very important map.
  • A valuable item is somewhere in the Ruins.
  • A hidden basement of the Central Tower leads to a dangerous dungeon.
  • Someone is trapped on Skyport.
  • There is a creature that uses the Undercity as a hideout.
  • Something strange got out from the Skyport.
  • A pirate wants to enter to Skyport.He knows a secret about that place.

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