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The Wars of Law and Chaos were the most protracted conflicts that the planes had ever seen. The wars between Law and Chaos waxed and waned for two hundred years. These wars tore apart the Thule Empires, created unlikely alliances, raised the goblins to the power that is the Feral Nation, and ultimately resulted in the patchwork of powers that marks present history.

The war was not a single war, but a series of simultaneous wars which ripped the institutions of the planes apart. The catalyst for this conflict was the Transgressor movement intersecting the Axiomite movement. The idealistic and avant-guarde element of each movement soon fell to the extremists elements, then the militaristic elements in each movement.

The forces of good and evil, matched so keenly, were taken unaware by these wars. These wars were completely unforeseen. Good and Evil lost their places as governing principles as their own faithful turn on each other.

Once the wars got going, ancient alliances the worlds over were overturned and shattered. Good and Evil were forgotten. Morals were forgotten. All that mattered to the world was order and chaos.

The wars raged and peaked, the calmed. When each calm looked hopeful, the wars sparked back up again, leading to a new round of battles and conflicts.

Both the Golden Circle and the Black Alliance disintegrated, losing their place in the public conscious. Both movements converted themselves into secret societies, both the with the aim to ending the war. The Golden Circle became The Teachers, and it aimed for peace. The Black Alliance became the Shadow Empire, who desired to control the planes by subterfuge, rather than overt war.

Eventually, the cycle of wars slowed, leading to today's lull.

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